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Marketing Communications: McDonald's - Essay Example

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Q1: Lecture 2 suggests that marketing is about the creation and maintenance of mutually satisfying relationships. Briefly explain what marketing communication refers to when it talks of ‘relationships’ [with support from marketing communication literature]…
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Marketing Communications: McDonalds
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Download file to see previous pages However, the presence of a relationship between the firm and the consumer brings about additional value to both parties beyond the exchange of the product (Gronroos 2004: 9). Such a relationship may serve the role of building trust between the two parties, affording a sense of security and control to the customer and minimising risks associated with purchasing. Overall, relationship marketing promotes interactivity through two-way communication that is driven by customer-orientated rather than product-oriented efforts (Kitchen and Pelsmacker 2004). The aspects of relationship building entail commitment, trust, empathy, satisfactory experience and an effective communication. Palmatier (2008) confirms these aspects of relationship in marketing communications, arguing that the enduring desire to maintain the relationship and confidence in reliability and integrity in a partnership context strengthens firm-customer relationships. The concept of relationship in marketing communication has arisen due to the shift in focus from transactional marketing to a customer-oriented approach (Caemmerer 2009). Here, all marketing communication messages are integrated to generate, maintain and enhance the firm’s relationship with its customers. Here, high level customer contact, commitment to long term interaction and customer retention characterizes the concept of relationship in marketing communications. ...
f this campaign was geared at connecting McDonalds “with customers in highly relevant, culturally significant ways around the world,” indicating the appreciation of relationship building by the company’s management. In accordance with the concepts of integrated marketing communications that are relationship-oriented, the “I’m lovin it” message is communicated across various media around the world. Through seeking information about customers’ lifestyles and values, McDonalds shows respect to cultures and commitment to service. Satisfactory experience and constructive communication that accrue from this marketing campaign are indicative of relationship building on the part of the firm. Q2: Explain what is meant by value in marketing communication [by drawing on the marketing communication literature]. Offer one [interesting – not monetary!] example of how your brand transfers value to its customers. One of the most important aspects of the interaction between the firm and its customers is the customer’s perception of value created in the exchange relationship. Gronroos (2004: 103) argues that the interaction process entails the transfer of a value base to the customer, also involving partial creation of the value base with the customers. Importantly, the firm has to discern the customer value systems and processes in order to ensure the customer perceives the created value. The scholar states that the firm needs to align its resources- including the physical product, service elements, information, and competencies among others- with the customer’s internal value processes. Marketing communications focus on understanding the value processes of consumers and managing services and products to satisfy this value. Rowley (2004: 99-113) discusses the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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