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Personal Viewpoint Paper - Essay Example

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Personal Viewpoint Customer Inserts His/Her Name Customer Inserts Grade Course Customer Inserts 01.03.2012 Learning can be defined as a way through which people are able to grasp ideas and internalize them into their daily life (Griffin, 16)…
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Personal Viewpoint Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Once one reflects on the occurrences in his/her past life, one can be able to analyze the learning experiences in his life, and appreciate those moments. Throughout my life, I continue to encounter numerous experiences, which significantly affect my perception and understanding of the occurrences in life. Through these experiences I have learnt numerous things which have enriched my life immensely. Though some occurred subconsciously, others were instigated discussions held between myself and friends. While discussing various lifetime experiences with my friends, something I had always ignored occurred. My friend informed me of the inherent discrepancies present between environments where people grow up. The friend informed me of how he grew in a Muslim dominated society, and the difficult experiences he underwent as a Christian. With a majority of the people being Muslims, the childhood friends failed to understand the faith professed by my friend. The discrepancies in the fundamental teachings of the faiths caused numerous difficulties between the children professing different faiths. The children viewed each other as enemies creating immense tension and difficulty in creating friendships among children professing different faiths. After growing up, my friend’s understanding of Islamic faith enabled him to appreciate individuals professing the faith. My friend explained the various elements of the Islamic faith which caused the perception change. The discovery that a majority of the doctrines contained in the religions remain common across the religions was surprising. Through the explanation offered, I also gained an immense understanding of the Islamic religion. Although numerous accusations continue regarding the association of Islamic faith with terrorism, stereotyping could be explained as the causing element for these accusations. The fact that there are a quite many terrorists associated with Islamic faith should not be a benchmark for regarding all Muslims, terrorists. Stereotypical thinking with limited understanding of Islamic faith leads to fallacious conclusions regarding the religion. As a child, I had also held this populist believe as true. My understanding of the Islamic religious doctrines displayed the religion as modeling terrorist. Though a populist opinion, the believe fails miserably to present any factual argument supporting its contents. The belief, therefore, becomes a stereotypical populist opinion for disregarding individuals professing Islamic faith. Misinformation and misunderstanding contributed immensely to the thoughts of Muslims being terrorists. I realized there exists immense similarities between the religions, yet people tend to discriminate those professing different faiths. Acceptance of other people’s differences could also enable them to accept you into their society. It remains critically essential for individuals to accept that differences occur naturally between societies. The element of discrimination, however, does not occur from the personality aspect. The discrimination fails to analyze the individuals for whom they are, however, discrimination occurs based on how people perceive others. The doctrines initiated in children during the early life contain significant influence in the people’s lives at later stages. Following the discussion with my friend, I realized how the environment changes people’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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