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The aim of this study is to state that mass media, communication and journalism are directly related to the changes experienced in a community. Community and communication have a history that dates back to the last century. …
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Community Communication
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Download file to see previous pages He wondered such, because of the diffusion of cities created due to the stage of industrial revolution and unsettled west. Another scholar that set out to find the relation between community and communication was Gabriel Tarde in the 1980s. According to him, public opinion is a means of collective community which is controlled and arranged by the media (Katz, 1991). Furthering the previous thought, Bowes (1997) confirms that this relationship further gained strength in the 1920s and thus has now become indivisible. According to this study, for a collective action, communication between citizens and individuals is an important function for initiating a combined action, with the collective action being stimulated and expressed through the media. Of course, when it comes to finding the relation between these two variables, it is obvious to understand the definition of community. According to Hillary (1955), community can be explained in 94 ways. However, three essential components can be found in the explanation of this variable. Beginning with a person involved in a specific community contact, the author mentioned geographic area as the second component with the common ties completing the collection. Bracht (1990) also revolves around the same concept of community. According to this study, a community can be explained as a cluster of individuals that share the same ethics, ideals and institutions. Further adding to the definitions, the author explained interpersonal relationships, culture and social groups as the interdependent basic components. Therefore, the above mentioned components work collectively towards a common good. This means that these components are a food for the community that are intellectual and conscious in nature and is thus a highly necessary requirement Dewey (1946). Bell and Newby (1971) added more to the definition and stated that communities have nowadays adopted a virtual nature. According to this study, the idea of a physical space has currently adopted a less physical approach of communication. Nonetheless, the relation between community and communication remains intact. Where traditionally the use of broadcast and print media was at its peak, the introduction of the computer based era and the enhancement of development and interactive media have positively worked towards eliminating the geographical constraints in communication. The virtual temperament of the media used two basic tools; the internet and direct broadcast satellites. Therefore, it becomes imperative to mention at this stage that after adopting the virtual mode, the communication media not simply aid the traditional community, rather it aids to the change in the entire definition of it (Bowes, 1997). According to Berrigan (May 1979), there is always the risk of importance in considering communication. That is, it is the author’s firm belief that although communication media is an effective tool in affecting the community, the role of the media is highly exaggerated. The study also stated that the media revolves around precedence in its importance. For the role of communication to be effective, it must be understood that it can never work alone. The media, in spite of its role in not the only factor that can bring changes to the community, the organizational, social and political structures also play a vital role that need to be identified. As the international communication association (May 2012) states; as our perceptions regarding the organizational, personal and social communities are undergoing massive changes, the boundaries and peripheries are becoming ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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