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There has effort to use cultural studies of communities in order to develop an insight into their pattern of behavior. Today, sociology scholars are more familiar with the cultural…
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Compare and contrast analysis paper
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Compare and Contrast Paper Affiliation Analysis Introduction
The study of multiple cultural practices has attracted significant attention in the recent past. There has effort to use cultural studies of communities in order to develop an insight into their pattern of behavior. Today, sociology scholars are more familiar with the cultural definition as both a social and communicative construct. Communication either verbal or non-verbal is a primary method in which a community displays its culture. Philipsen, Gertz and Fordham articles present fundamental principles that help in demystifying culture as communicative constructed. These three articles present three different cultural settings each with a particular cultural background ranging from human relations to animals and objects culture.
Geertz (2005) "Notes on the Balinese cockfight", the author presents a community deeply rooted cultural observance despite the educational purpose of the cockfight function. As a way of raising school fees a role that government should have undertaken, this closely-knitted community comes together through a cultural event. In this article, symbolic interactionism theory plays out quite well. The community is united, and as theory suggests, they should be understood at their social level.
In addition, ethnographic communication of the community need for school is clear. Through a cultural cockfight, the community communicates the social philosophy called verstehen that emphasizes on understanding the event from participants point of view (Geertz 2005). Certainly, Geertz knowledge on social theories in practice was put to test. In addition, the Actor-Network Theory (ANT) significantly applies to the cultural event. As this social theory suggests, the objects and animals use ought to be understood as part of the community communication and social network. Unlike Phillipsen and Hernandez articles, this article focuses on a cultural communicative ritual that is viewed noble and undertaken to pass crucial message.
Besides, the article by Fordham Hernandez " A white Mothers muse" brings into light intercultural interaction theories. Certainly, a Mexican raising American-Mexican children present a sociological challenge. According to the social construction theory, the philosophy of typification bedevils the character of this article. As a product of a different culture in a totally new environment with a varied background of the children, she is prone to create cultural standards. However, the challenge of ethnocentrism would not allow the children to adopt their mothers culture. Perhaps, the lebenswelt philosophy is crucial for this mothers trouble. Under this philosophy, it exemplifies that people live in the world as predetermined by the existing state of affairs. In addition, inter-subjectivity philosophy suggests that the multi-cultural environment allows children to experience a mixed but rapid cultural development.
In addition, as the author encounters U.S immigration police as she drives from Canada, the fear that her children will know their identity disturbs her a lot (Fordham-Hernandez 2009). With this fear, the author is driven by the fact that any communication, contrary to what children know will betray their cultural orientation. It, therefore, implies that culture as it depends on what was communicated to you from childhood and is bound to change if communicated otherwise.
Additionally, the Gerry Philipsen article "Speaking Like a Man" presents a male-dominated culture. Written, from the Teamsters Ville neighborhood setting, the article places value on communication as a fundamental cultural tool. It serves to affirm that culture is communicatively constructed. However, it emphasizes that the communication could mean silence as other communitys views silence as golden. In addition, the author presents this community that places man highly in society and identifies their cultural outlook emphasizes on sharp communication (Philipsen 1975).
Contrary to the other articles, the setting is in an urban area. Interesting, in this urban setting, ones self- presentation is a principal criterion on judging appropriateness of behavior. Unlike other cultures described above, this community places communication a number one priority. The ethnography of communication analysis presents an in-depth to the cultural values and norms o this community.
With Geertz, Phillipsen and Hernandez article analysis, it offers theoretical and philosophical dimension while it presents culture as a partial communicative construct. The focus on the verbal, non-verbal and cultural rituals such as a cockfight represents a community communication that significantly demystifies specific cultural construct.
Fordham-Hernandez, T. (2009). Raising Chicanos In The Great White North: A White Mothers Muse. Qualitative Inquiry, 15(7), 1155-1177.
Geertz, C. (2005). Deep Play: Notes On The Balinese Cockfight. Daedalus, 134(4), 56-86.
Philipsen, G. (1975). Speaking “like A Man” In Teamsterville: Culture Patterns Of Role Enactment In An Urban Neighborhood. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 61(1), 13-22. Read More
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