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Impacts of Media Globalization in America - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Impacts of Media Globalization in America For centuries, media has played a key role in the United States of America. In fact, a group of scholars led by Helen Kartz believe that the success of the many governments has been as a result of media globalization…
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Impacts of Media Globalization in America
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Download file to see previous pages It is due to this support that the impacts of media globalization have been inevitable. The constituent view of which media globalization extended its effect from seamless imperialism to increasing cultural, economic, and national identity is duly undeniable (Barlow, & Mills, 2009:57). Well, while there is lack of consensus as to whether media globalization is a vital concept to portray national identity, let us focus on growing interdependence between media and all other key players in a country’s globalization. Recently, because of expansion of modernization of media globalization on a national scale, growth at cultural, political, and social levels is changing the national identity making the study of media globalization an important topic of study in communication. Media globalization is a result of new and advanced mass media and communication technology. It is also a prerequisite and a catalyst for all other forms of national globalization. Most Americans express a feeling that, they ought to enjoy the benefits of media globalization like global communication, rather than terrifying and attempting to evade the consequences that ironically include deterrence to freedom of expression and speech. Media globalization impacts will never cease. ...
Mobile technology in this case is serving a great deal in moving the nation’s economy while reducing the cost of mobility and time at the same time. Media globalization has seen people use internet to improve their health or save lives. For example, a doctor in USA is able to send an x-ray to another more senior doctor in China or India for a second opinion and have it within a matter of hours. Therefore, media globalization is advancing health standards of American citizens. Increased global media interactions in America has and will continue assisting millions of American citizens to use Windows-powered PC in becoming authors of their own content in digital form meaning that they can share content widely and in far distances. Therefore, it is evident that media has the power to cross and bridge cultural gaps, bring people closer to one another and generally make our lives more convenient like never before. The presence of worldwide web provides us with endless quantities of information, knowledge, and ability to receive insights. Not before, accessing information readily does not imply that we are best informed! Media globalization has indeed positively influenced America as it has aided production and distribution. The rise of global media witnessed the formation of transnational corporations that led to effective cost and lucrative market force. This contributed to world trade that created market for media globalization through global capitalism using media to disburse messages to consumers globally. This helped America with money power through media globalization. While the interests of finance, most people regard media globalization in relation to culture and their systems. This has made it possible for United States to export media content ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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