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How does the Technology of Communication Influence the Nature and Identity of Community - Essay Example

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How does the technology of Communication influence the nature and identity of community? In the modern era mankind has become too much dependent on the use of technology. Technology up gradation has happened almost in all the sectors. The wide uses of technology have facilitated the human beings to a large extent and almost every minute works of daily life can be achieved with the help of technology…
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How does the Technology of Communication Influence the Nature and Identity of Community
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Download file to see previous pages The presence of satellite communication has made it possible for the users to communicate in the most remote areas. The vast outbreak of technology has impacted the communities across the world. The effect of technology has been so massive that the behavior and identity of a community can be determined and is influenced by the communication technology in use. Communication and Community: The interdependence of proper communication and community development has been agreed by the modernist of the 19th and the 20th century. German theories suggest that proper communication is effective in community building as communication is helpful in suppressing and ignoring individuality to a large extent. Several theories were in proposition regarding community and communication. It was claimed that communication leads to community as communication is helpful in the creation of mutual recognition and promotes mutual respect among each other. Some liberals have the idea that the communication helps the individuals to express their own ideas and their expression of ideas gives rise to competition and differentiation, which leads to the effective growth of community. The theories suggested by optimists and pessimists vary in respect of community and communication. However similar ideas were shared which included the importance of communication on community and that both are necessary for the overall growth. The pessimist held the idea that mass communication as a false mode of communication and culture. Whereas the optimist believed that the mass communication is highly important in the integration of huge number of people to form communities. They propagated the idea that interpersonal communication and the formation of social organization will not be sufficient enough to have diversified ideas and will not result in creation of a great community. It has been highlighted that the behavior of community is associated with communication. In order to increase the tie in a community it is important to get involved in more participation.1 The technologies of communication in the recent years aim to serve various communities in their own unique ways. The popular modes of communication technology involve the global use of internet and its associated technologies, Satellite television, newspaper, Radio broadcast. The use of technology for communication has been differentiated in the developed and the developing nations. The improvement of information and technology communication has affected the socio economic aspects both in a good and bad manner. The benefit of the ICT network has been significant in providing of essential service to the people. The effect of technology in communication has been significant in strengthening the community and increasing the community capacity. The increased access to communication enhances the ability of a community to communicate with business and other administrative units. The participation of a greater number of people in the community development program and in their governance also increases. The wide use of the internet helps in the transformation of the social capital and involves a considerable mass to be in contact with each other. The local group base solidarity is eliminated to a large extent by the spatial ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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