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Going through the transcript of President Obama’s Inaugural Speech, the author moved by the inspiring words enunciated by a President who ascended to power during America’s financial crisis. The inaugural speech is likened to a battle march as he recalls how our forebears met their challenges. …
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Rhetorical Analysis of President Obamas Inaugural Speech
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Download file to see previous pages The speech feels like the fresh morning dew that soothes our doubting soul as we traverse the scorching heat and difficulty of a financial crisis. The speech intended to lift us from our debilitating skepticism about ourselves and our world to believe once more in the enduring spirit that made America “the prosperous, most powerful nation on earth”. It is a speech where all the three rhetorical concepts of pathos, ethos, and logos were astutely utilized not only to deliver a message but also to touch and affect its audience. To underscore further President Obama’s message of hope, he used pathos or emotion as a primary medium for him to get his message across and for the audience to relate to him. It is very noticeable in that inaugural address, that the word “I” was sparingly used and was only mentioned twice. First, it was only mentioned in the opening statement which was in the context of humility that he is grateful of the trust that was bestowed upon him and “mindful of the sacrifices borne by our ancestors”.  The second time that President Obama mentioned it was in a collective context involving the audience by saying “today I say to you that the challenges we face are real”. ...
He was inviting sympathy without even asking by subliminally hinting that he, a black man, suffered too just like many of the audiences yet the opportunity of America enabled him to rise above his circumstances and now bestowed a position of great honor. Subconsciously, he was playing an underdog while calling for America to rise above the challenge, to unite and to once more take the challenge of leadership. In a way, he was subconsciously saying that if he was able to be where he is right now when before blacks cannot be even served at a local restaurant, then the rest of America can also overcome the challenges that they are facing as he did. President Obama’s used of emotional appeal or pathos is reinforced by his own credibility or ethos. As a political leader, he is known as a man of integrity and has never involved in any compromising political situation.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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