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Analysis of Durex Advertisements - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Analysis of Durex Advertisements" discusses that the Durex Company produced one prominent set of condom advertisements. These advertisements appeal to a wide audience, utilizing an approach that is unique relative to other condom advertisements…
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Analysis of Durex Advertisements
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Extract of sample "Analysis of Durex Advertisements"

Download file to see previous pages In considering the Durex ads, it’s noted that” because there’s so much potential to make easy, tasteless jokes, condom advertising requires a more delicate touch; great ads should make us think a little bit harder before rewarding us with the punch line” (Rideout). When examining the overriding communication mechanisms of these advertisements, it’s clear they capture this delicate touch. The most overriding persuasive technique these condom advertisements use is humor, with all the Durex ads implementing a subtle form of it. Within this spectrum, the advertisements that can be divided along lines of whether they promote the condoms based on safety or enjoyment. For instance, one advertisement features a bed with four framed pictures on a nightstand next to it. The individuals in the advertisements are staring at the bed with shocked faces. Below the visual elements the advertisement contains the tagline, “Have the sex you tell your friends you have” (Rideout) and a picture of Durex condoms. This is a clear example of an advertisement that implements humor to appeal to twenty-somethings -- the individuals in the picture are this age -- through emphasizing the ability of the condom to enhance the sexual experience. This persuasive technique can be contrasted with Durex advertisements that highlight safety concerns. For example, one advertisement contains a completely light blue background. The text of the advertisement states, “To all those who use our competitors’ products: Happy Father’s Day” (Rideout). While this advertisement is highly minimal in its presentation, it is highly effective; the minimal visual style functions to enhance the power of the textual message, encouraging customers to greatly consider the essential need to purchase Durex condoms over other brands.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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