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The research paper “Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising” proliferates some of the facts regarding “Direct to Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising in the USA”. In this regard, some of the different types of advertisements that DTCA possess is revealed…
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Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages Definition. According to Ventola (669-684), direct to Consumer Advertising (DTCA) is a type of marketing that is extensively and exclusively observed in the pharmaceutical industry. Although this form of marketing promotion is observed in other industries, the term is exclusively derived from the marketing promotion in the pharmaceutical industry. In this regard, the marketing activities are primarily focused towards the patients’ end unlike targeting the healthcare professionals. The promotional activities or tools that are generally used in this form of marketing include the use of print media, television, radio, social media, and many more. In the present day context, marketing activities are identified as playing an effective role in the promotion of a product and/or service. Subsequently, different promotional tools are used by companies with the aim of making an effective reach to a large number of customers in a global context.
Thesis Statement. The prime objective of the study is to undergo a comprehensive review of DTCA in the pharmaceutical industry in the US. In this regard, the paper focuses on understanding the concepts of DTCA and the history of different types of advertisements surrounding DTCA. The report also emphasizes the rules and regulations governing the promotional activity in the US. Moreover, it also intends to reveal the advantages as well as the disadvantages of adapting DTCA in the US pharmaceutical market. Some of the remedies that would lead to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in the US through adapting DTCA are also discussed. Further, the report also highlights the effect of DTCA on health insurance and the pharmaceutical industry that has to lead to the shift of promotional activities towards social media for attracting customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3750 Words.
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