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Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are unlike product or service advertisement which are intended to attract some clients or customers for profits rather PSAs are initiated to educate and inform large population mainly about a problem. In this regard PSAs are awareness…
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Advertising and consumer culture, Public Service Annoucement(PSA)
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Download file to see previous pages e political, religious, social, governmental health & safety issues such as smoking campaigns, education campaigns, fitness campaigns, safe driving, gambling awareness, obesity campaigns, safe sex responsiveness and alcohol prevention operations etc. PSAs are released on all media formats including radio, television, mass media, print media, and social media through indoor & outdoor advertisements etc. In a nutshell, public communication campaigns are a purposive endeavor to influence behaviors of larger audience in a short span of time whilst utilizing multiple channels to communicate mediated message with intentions to reap social benefits. There is a universal process across the globe to design PSAs, which entails situational analysis of the cause after which target audience and objective of the campaign are specified. Later on using coherent set of strategies an informational and persuasive message is developed providing information, organization details and tagline of the campaign. In this assignment, The I Know Campaign has been discussed in detail which was initially created in Los Angeles due to the disturbing rates of chlamydia and gonorrhea dominance among women of color that later on spread throughout America.
History of Public Service Announcements dates back to World War II in United States of America when radio broadcasters and other advertising agencies presented their services towards war efforts and in the process war advertising council also came into existence which served as voice of war information to people through radio, print and outdoor advertisements. Later on after World War II, advertising council turned into an institution to serve nationwide campaigns such as "Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires", "Fight Cancer with a Checkup and a Check" and "A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste" etc. Such PSAs raised public awareness along with raising funds for research too. Now even after 70 years since first Public Service Announcement, no explicit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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