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Role Technology Has Played in Electronic and Digital Media - Essay Example

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Journalism, Mass Media and Communication The Role Technology has played in electronic and digital media Name University Introduction Media has played an important and unique role in society. It encompasses print, electronic and digital media. Print media includes newspapers and magazines; electronic media includes radio and television; and digital media includes audio, photo and video content which has been digitally compressed…
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Role Technology Has Played in Electronic and Digital Media
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Download file to see previous pages In the past news was limited to a few persons obtaining print. It was later improved to electronic information by way of radio. Information that was very important and that would impact peoples lives reached them very slowly. In the current scenario things are different. There are many ways in which news can be had. It is available in print, on the radio, on television and on the internet and events are shown and reported as they happen (live). In addition, to its informational, reporting and critiquing role, one of the main roles of media is agenda setting. According to McCoombs and Shaw (1972), the media’s choice of how an article is displayed and what to write about play an important role in shaping economic, political and social reality. In this way viewers, listeners the readers will not only learn about a particular issue but also the level of importance that the media attaches to it. This means that the media presents information in such a way that it can shape the opinions and attitudes of the society. By doing so the media dictates what is believed and what is not. Advances in technology The media has moved away from the use of chemical technology in photography to the use of digital technology. In the past the custom was black and white until color became widespread in the latter part of the 20th century. The chemical process involved the use of chemicals in a dark room. According to Warren (2001), the pictures produced by this method were not as sharp as those produced digitally. Additionally, those produced digitally could be copied over and over and the quality would remain intact. This was not so for the ones produced chemically. Mass media used this technology to produce attractive magazines and newspaper articles and to produce attractive advertisements for businesses. This helped them to increase their role as a key player in success of businesses. Media has used digitally technology to improve the images on television and in the print media. Technological advances have resulted in the digitization of news print which is now described as online media. Newspapers such as New York Times (NYT) and Washington Post (WP) have increased their readership because of this fact. Additionally, they have now included videos in some of their news items. This was not and is still not possible with print media. Both NYT and WP have also been able to earn additional revenue by having advertisements on their site. More hits bring more advertisements and so the headlines and articles have to be attractive. McCoombs and Shaw (1972), indicates that there are three ways in the media seeks to set its agenda – attention, prominence and valence. The technology that is currently been used allows news item to gain attention and prominence with the use of sharp pictures and pull outs. On the television and on the internet media provide catchy advertisements with music and visual effects as seen on the internet and on television. Television also provides viewers with soap operas and movies that have changed the way they view the world. The internet has provided information at one’s fingertips for personal information and for serious research. Conclusion The media has played a fundamental role in how the world is seen today. People are more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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