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How can teachers/practitioners use popular culture to motivate children in Key Stage 1 - Dissertation Example

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Topic: How can teachers/practitioners use popular culture to motivate children in Key stage1. Draft File: ABSTRACT: The study predicts the effects of the use of elements of popular culture adapted for the motivation of children in Key stage I. The research of this Paper relates the case studies in which the use of a reward system which offered the earning of ‘stickers’ of children’s favorite characters, The aim was to induce a strong and keen interest in performing the tasks which had been allocated to the children…
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Download file to see previous pages All the materials taken together showed that introducing ‘the characters’ related to the main interests in the studies and towards motivation proved to be successful. TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Introduction 2. Literature Review: 2.1 Theoretical Foundations 2.2 Key Interests of Children 2.3 Motivational Factors and Application 2.4 Impact of Popular Culture on Children 2.5 Individualism in students’ motivational factors 3. Methodology 4. Ethics 5. Case Study Analyses 6. Questionnaires 7. Presenting the Data 8. Discussion 9. Conclusions 10. References 11. Appendix Introduction: The exploration of new techniques and methods is always on the educational horizon. The promise of the future has not eliminated the need for a refinement and validation of existing practices. In fact, modern technologies have allowed for a greater level of access to a variety of media and have increased the capabilities of the average educator. According to Jackie Marsh and Millard 2000, popular culture is a phrase which can be applied to a cultural text which are popular and attractive for majority of children around the globe. Popular culture has a vast variety of material which are attractive for children like bags, games, stationeries, shoes, character toys etc. This not only helps a child to get a better understanding but also encourages an educator to bring in new ideas to motivate young minds. Popular culture is first applied as a test drive but it proved to be an excellent motivational idea. In this era, where technologies and media power has no boundaries has an impact on children. Animations of different strong characters, fairyland and wonderlands have made it easier for children to imagine and fit in a particular character. In early childhood education, it is observed that a child learns whatever is been taught to them, but it becomes easier for them to adapt and practice if popular culture is used while teaching. Use of PSPs , PS2, Nintendo’s and play stations for playing different animated games sharpen their reflexes and their cognitive power. In Early childhood education, Rhymes and songs were introduced to make a child learn colors, shapes and simple concepts while playing, singing and role-plays. Popular culture should be adopted by parents, guardians and educators not only school but also in the outside world, this idea is perceived from a theory of Jackie Marsh 2009 that popular culture should be applied in schools and outside both, which clearly refers to home. Popular Culture is adapted by different practitioners where some of them came up with a different feedback. According to their experience, the change which occurred in a child after the implementation of popular culture in the early education is the glamorization of violence and adds cheapness to the value of education. It encourages a child to praise the material things which blurred the essence of education of being good to every individual regardless of color creed or status. Popular Culture encourages a child to behave and act nothing but like a yob which further makes them disobedient of parents, disrespectful of moral teachings and disregardful of ethics that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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