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Research paper about listening in communication process Name Institution Instructor Date Contents 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Literature review 3 2.0.1 Communication 4 2.0.2 Listening 4 Types of listening 4 Effective Listening Skills 6 Poor listening skills 8 Poor listening could be a major barrier to effective communication…
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Listening in Communication Process
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Download file to see previous pages These include a situation where the listener is always smiling and nodding their head. Other features could include the listener looking directly at the speaker pretending to be keenly listening. 8 Monopolizing 9 This is the type of non-listening where the listener focuses the listening on themselves but not on the speaker. It is a very selfish form of listening where the listener occasionally tries to divert the topic of discussion to themselves 9 Selective listening 9 This involves the user selecting only a small portion of the topic of discussion. This happens because the listener cannot take in everything said. So they use this type of listening as a tool to filter out some parts of the conversation. 9 Defensive listening 9 This occurs when a person perceives a personal attack on them without intent of criticizing them. For example if someone tells somebody that they have lost weight, they may think that they are being insulted that they are fat but fact will be it was only meant to compliment them. 9 Literal listening 9 This involves the listener becoming insensitive to other peoples’ feelings. This is a type of ineffective listening where the listener ignores the relationship level of the meaning. ...
(2011). Essential skills: Essential speaking and listening skills. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 14 Antos, G. (2011). Handbook of interpersonal communication. The Hague, The Netherlands: Mouton De Gruyter. 14 Burstein, J. (2010). Have you heard?: Active listening. New York, NY: Crabtree Publishing. 15 Keyton, J. (2011). Communication and organizational culture: A key to understanding work experience. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 15 Keyton, J. (2010). Case studies for organizational communication: Understanding communication processes. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. 15 1.0 Introduction Listening plays a very vital role in the whole communication process. Most people make a mistake of focusing on their speaking ability while forgetting the fact that it doesn’t necessarily mean good speaking will amount to good communication. The ability to listen keenly and effectively is also equally important. Importance of listening is well illustrated in our day to day activities and the people we interact with. For effective communication, we have to hear what the other person is saying and it is not just hearing because the acoustics are good or because the other person is speaking in a loud tone, we have to hear because we have taken time to listen carefully. Listening is an art that require to be calculated carefully and consciously. Unfortunately most education systems beginning right from kindergarten to college do not pay attention to equipping learners with effective listening skills. Poor listening is a major barrier to effective communication. It often leads to loss of messages due to wrong interpretation. Therefore listening will require conscious efforts in interpreting sounds, grasping ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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