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(Name) (Professor) (Subject) (Date) Delusional: An Anatomy of an Epidemic Various negativities have been problems in the minds of people. They have been studied in the field of medicine and psychiatry and has scientific basis. People have suffered from those conditions for many years since it was first discovered…
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Download file to see previous pages They have done series of tests in laboratories and published reports about their findings. They have also been done in the field of medicine. Under the field of medicine, psychiatry lies there wherein reports, experiments and thorough studies are conducted to help patients with mental disabilities and illnesses. Usually the ones used to help patients with undesirable mental conditions rely on chemical drugs to ease the pain or correct certain imbalances in their brains. Chemicals are used to alter their behavior especially when the patients are behaving outside the norms like being in a catatonic state. The use of drugs like for depressed people may have side effects. Side effects may affect the patients negatively. Drugs may cure the patients and help with their mental conditions but other illnesses may arise because of side effects. Other organs may possibly be negatively affected as the drugs may serve as toxins to those organs like heart, liver, kidney and stomach. The use of drugs on health mental patients have been the subject of the book made by Robert Whitaker. Robert Whitaker is a renowned writer in the field of science especially with the medical field. He even became an editor for the publications of the medical school of Harvard. He published other books prior to the one where talked about delusions. He had been an award-winning author and writer and a controversial one. His book entitled Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America is a controversial book by Robert Whitaker where he tackled delusion as the cause of the mental illness growth in USA. Various issues can be connected to delusion and the growing rate of mental illness patients and all of them would be discussed on the paper. Delusion has been defined many times by many sources from textbooks to dictionaries as the term pertains to the false belief or state of resistance to the reality as the person does not accept logical explanations. It can be used in various contexts but it is commonly linked with psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia, depression and bipolar disorders. The aforementioned psychiatric conditions are illnesses which the medical field has combated through the years using techniques and formulations created based on years of studies via experimentations. Scientists, doctors and psychiatrists in particular have relied upon those observations and analyses recorded via published scientific reports and journals to verify the efficacies of the methods to cure the psychiatric conditions. Whitaker had debated about those methods especially with the use of chemical drugs. Chemical drugs are formulated in laboratories and manufactured in bulk by licensed pharmaceutical companies as those are dangerous if no regulations are made. Those manufacturers have the right to create those products based on the formulations recommended by the experts who studied particular cases. Despite of their reported efficacies, they pose hazards or risks to the patients. They have side-effects that can advertently affect other parts of the body. Patients may suffer other diseases or weakened immunity or particular organs may become damaged because of those synthetic substances being taken in for their psychiatric conditions. Whitaker has been concerned with the growing mentality of people about drugs and how those can cure the conditions of psychiatric patients considered to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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