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Is Television-Broadcasting Policy Affected by Changing Media Technology - Research Paper Example

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Is Television-Broadcasting Policy Affected By Changing Media Technology? Name Institution Is Television-Broadcasting Policy Affected By Changing Media Technology? Introduction Television broadcast regulations tend to be relative to changes in the media technology field…
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Is Television-Broadcasting Policy Affected by Changing Media Technology
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Download file to see previous pages In 1952, the first cable television network started in Ontario due to the development of improved television broadcasting and supply technologies like the cable television, the first domestic communications satellite (1972), Direct-to-home satellite (1995), Community antenna television (1961)and the over the air television (2000). In addition, there was the inception of mobile television transmissions that allowed for portable television viewing through portable devices. Arguably, the changing media technology has affected television-broadcasting policies in Canada. Various policies formulated by the Canadian government influence the change in media technologies propelling the country in to international media standards. As such, this support the argument that television-broadcasting policy has affected by changing media technology. The policies formulated Essentially, policy formulation drew influence from technological advancements in the broadcasting and regulated structures for the licensing of both the private and the public institutions of communication dissemination. On the contrary, the Canadian government formulated a policy regarding the ownership of broadcasting houses in Canada (Armstrong, 2010). The Act of 1964 also insinuated that the broadcasting stations within the country had to have effective ownership by Canadian nationals in order to safeguard the social, cultural, political, and economic attributes of Canada. The modification of broadcasting continued because of evolution in the technology industry that kept on constantly emerging. This evolution is still visible in the current times years after the first innovations in to the sector emerged. Remarkably, television broadcast has witnessed the PVR that allows for time shifting of television programming. It also allows for sending and reception of television programming over the internet, which makes television transmission easy. In this regard, viewers from across any continent are able to access a wider international range of programming with relative ease. On the contrary, the Canadian government wishes to introduce Canadian programming that expresses their cultural and national identity through the emerged new technological forms. Essentially, this essay will delve on the whether the changing media has influenced television broadcasting policies. This will be in relation to Canadian television broadcasting with critical research in the past, present and estimated future. Influence by the American broadcast The rise in popularity of the reception of American broadcast stations contributed majorly in the development of television broadcast in Canada. In this regard, three main factors led to the memorable improvement on the television technology in Canada. For one, was the threat by the penetration of American media was a major influence on the stabilization of the Canadian television industry. This posed a great threat to them hence making the nation to accept the need to advance technologically. Secondly, there was a language divide where a fraction of the Canadians spoke French or the third language. Subsequently, the Canadians had to improve in the media industry in order to target the different speaking populations and servicing their individual needs. Lastly, there was the government response to the above factors in which the government imposed certain policies that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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