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The success of fashion bloggers. Are they really becoming fashion dictators - Research Paper Example

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The Success of Fashion Bloggers. Are they really becoming Fashion Dictators? BY YOU YOUR SCHOOL INFO HERE DATE HERE The Success of Fashion Bloggers. Are they really becoming Fashion Dictators? Introduction Influencing consumer power requires developed brand attributes that can be associated with higher profitability, gaining market interest and establishing a well-known name that is recalled by the buyer…
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The success of fashion bloggers. Are they really becoming fashion dictators
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Download file to see previous pages This essay says, “entity” with a certain amount of realism, considering that fashion blogging is, first, a relatively new phenomenon in a world of growth in social media “Entity” represents independent sources of consumer information about relevant lifestyle products, trends, interesting combinations, colors, or other appropriate attitudes about fashion. The difficulty in establishing whether fashion blogging has become dictatorial is determining the volume of individuals that are drawn toward a particular “entity” working outside of trusted business brands. Does the fashion blogger have the ability to influence consumer behavior? To what level is the influence of the fashion blogger with consumer engagement to provide perceived relevant information? Is there trust in the “entity” to provide a brand-identified set of credentials that outperforms traditional advertisement and promotion? To understand whether dictatorship is a satisfying term for the fashion blogger is questionable, though there is adequate interest in fashion blogging which is supported by volume and web presence. Are they dictators? The evidence would suggest otherwise, but also discredits the notion of significant fashion blogging success for the high volumes of fashion bloggers currently on the Internet. It should be concluded that fashion bloggers maintain tremendous opportunities to gain consumer dedication, with subsequent support that fashion bloggers maintain certain inherent characteristics that seem to have no place in genuine business practice. Explaining Discrepancies in Blogging Success Constance White, a former fashion writer and the Style Director for E-Bay, clearly states, “Fashion used to be very dictatorial. Everybody’s a fashion critic. Everyone can comment on whether Reese Witherspoon should have worn the same dress that Kirsten Dunst wore before” (Corcoran, 2006, p.1). Not just anyone can achieve high success with their own, independent fashion blog due to the overwhelming volume of consumer noise providing complex and differing opinion on fashion products. A respected fashion journalist, Mrs. White seems to imply tastelessness for these commentaries, leaving consumers to have to filter out the noise to find respected fashion advice. Entwistle (2005) describes those who value fashion in the cultural industry as an experience-based industry, as well as instinctual, coexisting with formalized strategies for business. Offers Constance White,” perhaps in five or 10 years, blogs will have the power to make unknown fashion designers into stars” (Corcoran, p.1). White is clearly expressing a disconnect between large-scale business strategy and the influence of the fashion blogger. Fortune (2012) offers that blogger relationships with consumers takes time to achieve and effort offered by the blogger to achieve this goal. Sizing up the situation, there is little emphasis being placed on small-scale fashion bloggers who must develop effective strategies to achieve success. When an individual fashion blogger is putting forth the effort to achieve brand success, they gain experience, influence, and perhaps even corporate backing to make their name synonymous with a fashion brand. Mintz (2011, p.1) describes the fashion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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