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Importance of Political Communication - Essay Example

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Name Institution Course Instructor Date Importance of Political Communication Abstract This paper has reviewed various articles on communication with respect to political activities. The studies reviewed in this paper emphasize on the trends employed in disseminating political communication…
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Importance of Political Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The study has indicated that political communication has contributed to institutionalisation of societal democracies. Reviews on political communication tend to drum the same idea. Introduction Politicians use communication as a tool to disseminate information to the society. Political critics believe argued that political communication whether external or internal acts as a nerve of the government. Those sentiments are observable through daily activities of politicians. Communication is the powerful tool that describes the landmark made in the political world. Reformists used political communication to move masses and advance the political ambitions. For instance, civil right movements have been able to woo civilians by creating powerful speeches that move emotions. Political debates usually draw politicians of various factions together. Patterns employed in communication may vary but the political information intends to give a particular influence to the audience (Dahlgren, 2005:166). This study investigates influence of political communication by analysing research articles in the same area. The aim of the research is to evaluate theories relating to political communication, their relevance in the political sphere, and the mode of communication dissemination. Theories developed about political communication focuses on mode of information dissemination. Some theorists have sought to explain how politicians settle in certain decisions. The prediction of the analysis suggested that dealing with small group would create a greater political impact as opposed to large groups. Studies in political communication have sought to investigate influence of politics with respect to psychology, speech communication, mass communication, journalism, broadcasting, and political science. The revelation of the study answers the question on how political communication influences the reputation of a country. The study mode reviews the existing literature on the same topic with a view or relating aspect of public relation and political communication. Findings and Results Political communication has changed in response to changes in technology. The reviewed literature on political communication with respect to the changing technology has confirmed the above finding. This finding tends to explain the reason by various technological approaches used by the politician in disseminating their communication. Politician’s concern is to influence a voter or a prospective voter to take side within a given political inclination. Pattern of information processing is the basis of voter decision. Zeter (2008:236) observed that voters decision occur the same way as personal decisions made when choosing a friend. People consider attributes, which would create a friendly relationship between the politician candidate and the community. The process seems to use identification of personal qualities as the most viable way of choosing political candidate. It means that human desirable characteristics should characterise the political campaign alongside other issues (Stanyer, 2007:212). Political bangles contain photo portraits, personal achievement among other desirable attributes that would persuade the voter to accept a particular candidate for a political position. Voting system takes similar approaches because the argument tends to look at the long-term benefit that the policy would ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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