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Current advances in robotic technology have led to several developments in industrialization. Robotic technology has been used for particular activities like painting, welding and in dangerous manufacturing environments…
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Robotic Technology
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Download file to see previous pages The industry currently transforms the next generation to a machine based generation. Most countries will be influenced economically, socially and politically. Studies reveal America has not embraced the technology as compared to other countries like Japan and the Europe world. The country has taken a step in involving stakeholders to research on robotic technological advances in the country. The stakeholders include companies, laboratories, and universities. The purposes of the stakeholders are; one, look at the impact of the technology in the future development of the country economically, socially and on security needs of the country. Two, identify challenges linked with the technologically scientifically and technologically. Three, look at possible steps to be used to address the challenges. The credibility of the research was based on twelve world class researchers from robotic academic institutions. This report discusses the impact of robotic technology to the US manufacturing industry. The country’s economy has faced several challenges and need vibrant ways that will strengthen it. The country has embarked on research about the new form of technology that will enhance economic growth. Technological advances are expensive but with proper programming and strategy leads to economic growth of a country. Revitalization of the manufacturing industry will probably trigger growth in several sectors of the economy. The sectors that will rely on robotic technology are media, IP companies, service and medical industry, home appliances, capital equipment, automotive industry, logistics and automation. Exponential growth of these sectors will probably spur the country’s economic growth. Research and education play key role in robotic technology. Executive Summary Transformation of the country today and tomorrow stands as a crucial agenda. Technological advances in computer have made great strides to the country. Despite the great strides, the quest for better technology still exists. America has lagged being robotic technology in comparison to the Europe world. The Europe and Asian world has enjoyed advances in this form of technology. The quest for adoption of robotic technology has advanced and triggered investment and formation of research based institutions. Adoption of robotic technology has increased human augmentation solutions and applications in critical sectors in relation to affordability and value. Robotic technology is facilitated by the productive aging population. The technology offers investment opportunities potential for creation of new jobs, increased productivity and safety for workers. These offers trigger economic growth in an era that needs security for services. Several workshops held set goals in spans of five years for implementation of robotic applications. Required technological advances required for robotic technology were identified as well as their potential. Medical robots have made significant progress in medicine world in the last decade. Several advantages are associated with operations done by robots. Operations like prostate cancer operations minimize invasive surgery that include small incisions, less time spent in hospital thereby reducing risks related to infection. Fast recovery is encouraged with few side effects. Quality care in health is improved. Periods taken in surgical operations from work are significant to economic benefits. Currently, the numbers of times robots are used in medical procedure are minimal. With advances in robotic technology, use of robots in medical world is likely to increase. Imaging facilities and feedback ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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