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This term paper is a research detailing the group dynamics of Team D in the Small Groups and Team Communication Module. The researcher of the present paper draws on relevant theory to critically evaluate the group dynamics and processes…
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Learning Team Dynamics and Considerations
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Download file to see previous pages According to the research findings it can therefore be said that Team D was composed of five members with the objective of working together in the Small Groups and Team Communication Module. The group consisted of three gentlemen and two ladies. A number of goals were established for the group; to achieve the learning outcomes of the Small Groups and Team Communication Module; to make the group experience memorable and effective; to practically learn about group dynamics. The first objective was informed by necessity as all members attending the module were divided in five groups. The second objective was informed by the need to enjoy the experience in the group while at the same time achieving the first/main objectives efficiently. The third objective was established after about a week into the module after the realization that the group offered the members an opportunity to visualize what is learnt in theory. Upon analysis and literature consultation, the goals set by the group were not the most effective as they did not meet all the requirements of SMART goal making; specificity, measurability, achievability, realistic and timelines. While the first goal is SMART, the other two goals are not as specific and measurable. However, the group managed to achieve the three goals amid challenges and successes (discussed in the other areas of this paper) while noting that the deficiencies in goal making such as lack of specificity impacted all other aspects of the group. Communication Strategies, Dynamics and Outcomes Communication is a critical determinant of the team process and outcomes in a small group as argued by Rothwell (2010). The author also explains that communication within a group is a transactional and continuous process in which each party is both a sender and receiver. Importantly, communication competence- defined by proficiency/deficiency and how the group deals ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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