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Marketing project: Reinforcing and breaking of stereotypical image of a certain category of people - Research Paper Example

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Your F. Name 9 December 2011 Advertising: Breaking and Reinforcing Stereotypes The media constantly reinforces stereotypes of people's appearance whether it be through television shows, advertising including print, online and television commercials, music, news, and other methods…
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Marketing project: Reinforcing and breaking of stereotypical image of a certain category of people
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Extract of sample "Marketing project: Reinforcing and breaking of stereotypical image of a certain category of people"

Download file to see previous pages It is for reasons like this that newspapers are designed around print advertising, having to have a certain ratio of advertising to white space to be filled with copy. It is another reason that certain sponsors want to be associated with certain corporate events, particularly sporting. It is a known fact that the Super Bowl commercials are the most expensive to purchase for the air time due to the amount of people that are viewing. In a way, our media is defined by the advertising that surrounds it. Different forms of advertising are found in different mediums depending on their demographic to make them more effective. For example, you never see women's perfume advertised in a sports magazine. Likewise, there are typically beer commercials on during sporting events and there are toy commercials on during the Saturday morning cartoon time frame. It is all about hitting the target market and determining who the consumers are and presenting the products in some of the most appealing ways to make them sell. Unfortunately, the stereotypes presented in the media, particularly in advertising, create a schema in a person's mind. If you wear Brittney Spears' fragrance, you too may feel hot and sexy. If you wear Axe men's cologne or body spray, a man may have women falling all over them. Many times, these are endorsed by celebrities and that further reinforces the stereotype. This then adds pressure for the rest of society to conform to the stereotype which then may result in social issues. For example anorexia in young girls is becoming prevalent as a result of the reinforced stereotypes that they are exposed to. Their condition may result from the advertising they see in fashion magazines that show tiny women in glamorous outfits giving them an irrational complex of what beautiful really is. Women are not sexual play things such as stereotypes may reinforce in the media. Women do not have to be Paris Hilton, Heidi Klum or Tyra Banks to be considered beautiful. According to Media Awareness Network, stereotypes can be problematic because it “reduces a wide range of differences in people to simplistic categorizations.” Advertising stereotypes can also make people perceive these examples in advertising and group it in according to reality. The stereotypes are used “to justify the position of those in power” and also seems to form prejudice and inequality in society through advertising (Media Awareness Network). According to an article online, “Women Stereotypes in Advertising” on the Adland website, more ads targeted to appeal to women are mostly “cliched and offensive.” An interesting quote found in this article said, “We already understand that women are different from men. Now we need to understand that women are different from one another. They want to be catered to as individuals,” and is referenced to Rebekka Bay, the head of consumer trends at Enterprise IG. According to this article, women typically have the general buying power of products at a whopping 88 percent (Women Stereotypes in Advertising). I chose advertising that I found online to both reinforce and break the stereotypes of women and their appearance. As stated previously, women have the tendency that if they are not skinny, then they are therefore, not glamorous. Not every woman ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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