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Australia Broadcasting Comporation report - Essay Example

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Communication is one of the major tools in the modern world, for all business firms as well as other organizations. At present there are many ways by which the process of communication is undertaken. The means of communication can be a two way like telephone or one way like news papers…
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Australia Broadcasting Comporation report
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Download file to see previous pages Starting from news papers to the modern online network of mass communication encompasses a wide variety of means to ensure the seamless flow of communication. The mass media at present has evolved developed enormously from the earlier stages. The accuracy and speed of communication through various media have remarkably advanced. Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is a key player in the field of mass communication, and the national broadcaster of Australia they have a long, successful presence of eighty years in this field.
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):
Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), informally known as ‘Aunty,’ is a publicly owned national broadcaster of Australia. ABC has been providing various communication services to the country since last eighty years. It started its journey with radio service at national level and has enlarged its broadcasting service to global level with ABC online services. ABC provides radio, television, mobile and online services to national as well as global customers. The services of ABC are available in all regions of the country and they have played major role in various emergency and important situations. ABC also performs a variety of other functions. “The ABC also operates network of retailing outlets known as ABC enterprises....
ABC also performs a variety of other functions. “The ABC also operates network of retailing outlets (24 shops and 119 ABC centres) known as ABC enterprises. Operations include the production of books, classical and contemporary recordings, audio cassettes, videos, multimedia and licensed products, and music and magazine publishing” (2000 Year Book Australia No. 82 2000, p. 349). This paper discusses the history of ABC in the following segments. The services provided by ABC- radio, television and online are analyzed separately. The national and global coverage of the ABC services are also examined and the most effective means of communication service provided by ABC is identified. 3. ABC - A History: The Australian Broadcasting Corporation, formerly known as Australian Broadcasting Company, was established by the government of Australia on 1st July 1932 to run the National Broadcasting Services as the Postmaster General’s Department failed to do the operation. The first broadcasting service of Australian Broadcasting Company was Radio service and ABC had 12 radio stations in major cities of the country at its beginning. Inspired from BBC, the working of ABC was done accordingly. The period of World War II (WW- II) and the period following it, were crucial in the history of Australian Broadcasting Company. During WW- II, considering the importance of communication and providing information to the people, the Australian Broadcasting Act was passed in 1942. This gave the company the power to make decisions to broadcast political speeches without external interferences. In 1948, ABC was given complete government appropriation through amendments made in the Broadcasting Act. The next major mile stone of Australian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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