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New Media & International Communication - Essay Example

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The influences of various forms of media carry significance with those interested in various products or information. The media is able to influence various industries and concepts, specifically based on the communication which is used from the media. …
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New Media & International Communication
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Download file to see previous pages The media influences with sports apparel are created through various forms of communication that are based on commercialization. The types of media are inclusive of more traditional forms of media, such as print ads, newspapers, magazines and TV advertisements. These forms of commercialization are known to carry a specific number of advertisements or highlights that are based on sports apparel. There are also newer forms of advertisements through the dispersal of information on the Internet, specifically which creates a different relationship with potential customers interested in sports apparel. These various forms of communication become the most essential components of media influences as well as the relationships which are created with sports apparel. The main association with each of these is to transform the ideas of sports apparel into one which becomes attractive to those who are interested in sports of various forms....
For example, many of the sports coverage that is available come through television and sponsoring organizations. These include live coverage of specific games that may be more important to a group of individuals. The exposure continues with endorsements and sponsorship of top athletes for commercialization, specifically based on the performance of the games played in the past. These two interlink to news related stories that highlight the sports games and the top players. The news stories, coverage and responses then continue with social media and Internet exposure that highlights and creates responses with what is happening. Each of these build a different type of exposure through the media and interlink where the commercial aspects relate directly to exposure of the games and the fan base that identifies with this (Uhler, Lanter, 2008: p. 52). Communication of Sports Apparel The use of media and communication for sports apparel is unique because of the characteristics it holds and the type of consumers interested in the apparel. The main association is based on forms of advertising that are associated with adventure and living in the extreme. Through a recent study (Puchan, 2005, 171), it was found that sports activities have vastly increased in the last 20 years. This increase in sports is one which is directly related to the media sport and the world of sports that are associated with ideas of sports. Remaining healthy, living for adventure and having extreme associations then creates a different sense of communication. Sports apparel then links to communication that targets individuals interested in specific activities. The forms of media which are used will target these individuals and will communicate this specific message while showing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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