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The assignment “Why is it important for IT staff to behave as leaders?” argues about the importance of IT leadership in organizations, explains the IT service trade-off decisions that IT leaders face and link between managerial and technical IT capabilities and process agility…
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Download file to see previous pages IT leaders have accepted the fact that roles have to change as business environments become more dynamic especially due to the information technology factor which has affected virtually all organizational roles (McLean & Smits, 2012). As such, this has resulted in IT services affecting trade-off decisions as novel demands for efficiency and innovation motivate greater growth and expansion compelling IT leaders to proactively engage in an intricate mix of management and leadership functions. This is ultimately done to attain and sustain a fitting balance between effectiveness and efficiency as well as stability and innovation in the organizational context. As such, IT staff are required to lead other organizational members towards this end. Integrating IT within all other organizational processes has presented a myriad of challenges concerning how new systems are successfully integrated into the already existing protocols. Given that IT staff are best suited to enable all other organizational cogs to operate and positively relate with each other via a single IT backbone, they have to take a leadership role (McLean & Smits, 2012). This is so as to ensure that interpreting the organizational vision to other staff members to achieve comprehensively achieve the set goals. The CIO was traditional also referred to as the CTO or chief technology officer. In the past, the role of the CTO or CIO basically involved supervising an entity’s IT department whose primary role was to ensure the efficient operability of IT infrastructure (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013). The IT infrastructure in the discussion included managing an entity’s servers, purchasing new computer upgrades as well as other minor roles as resetting any forgotten or lost passwords. The technology was not as widely employed within organizations as is common today. The technology was mainly used by upper management or for documentation of important organizational data to allow for timely publishing of reports. At present, all organizations are seeking to fully and quickly adopt digital technologies and as such, have compelled the CIO to play a far more strategic role (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013). For instance, the CIO is at present not only a technology developer but also a business developer. As such, they have an immense role to play in executing the change process within organizations especially regarding long-term change initiatives.  Given the immense impact that technological innovations and advances have had on organizations, the focus of the strategic CIO has become critical towards corporate culture transformations (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013). One point of focus concerns operational effectiveness, efficiency, and innovation. A far more strategic responsibility involves collaborating with fellow executives in an effort to integrate technology propelled organizational objectives in the initial stages of strategy formulation. Introducing and subsequently incorporating emerging technologies to business processes, effecting recommendations and proposing new business models are roles expected to be played by a strategic CIO (The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2013). It is therefore important to point out that the role of the strategic CIO is heavily inclined towards ensuring fundamental transformations are realized as desired by the organizations. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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