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This paper 'The Magic Touch " focuses on the fact that in hopes of pursuing (or at least appreciating) a career in computer programming in the United States, it is beneficial to understand the (I) education/training required, (II) great job options, and (III) the future outlook of the career…
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Download file to see previous pages Another quality career/job one can pursue through the likes of computer programming is a software application developer (Greer).
1. The potential of having spectacular financial success in mobile applications is seen as a potential positive of pursuing a career as a software application developer.
2. Unstable school, job, or social media activities can scare potential employers away--specifically in this career field because security is more important than most jobs (Greer).
III. Lastly, one must consider the short-term and long-term outlook of the future of computer programming.
A. What can be defined as short term in a lengthy career varies, but in this case, short-term classifies between five to seven years, which happens to not look so good in terms of a job opportunity; employment is expected to decrease by eight per cent (United States).
B. Aspiring computer programmers should have nothing to fear in the long-term future as the United States (and people in general) will become more reliant on computers and technology to prosper and survive.
The year is 2067; world peace has been achieved through a universal internet network. A computer programmer, who goes by no name other than the one given at birth, has developed a revolutionary technology capable of connecting every person in the world to one another, without middlemen or censors. Started in a lab at Google Headquarters, a world, inside a world, exists where human beings can be exactly that--human beings. With few violence outbreaks, universal education, lack of hunger and squalor, and wide-spread equality, the idea is not a video game. It is a reality on Earth achieved through computer programming. An unlikely hero, finger-tips have saved the world. World peace was obtained because of a computer programmer? Believing that hatred derived from ignorance, in order to spread ideas of unity and peace, the computer programmer used the best tools available--hands and brain--to create a network where people have become citizens and share cultural ideas without the ridiculous backlash of ignorance or racial slurs. With this technology, people have realized that humans are more alike than they are different. The programmer has lived a life of fulfilment; all possible achievements and accolades (working at Google, solving world peace, etc.) have been obtained, and now this computer programmer lives in bliss, having achieved a life’s dream.
To understand computer programming is to understand how and why computers do what they do. The future is in the palm of the people’s hands--literally; endless universes, unlimited knowledge, and unending experiences can be achieved through the power of technology. It is amazing to see happiness derived from a piece of technology! Also, the endless possibilities for the advancement of technology spark more excitement and talk. However, computers do not build or program themselves; the people behind the technology are intelligent and provide examples of persistence and of faith--faith in their own ability to change the world one spark (or code) at a time. In hopes of pursuing (or at least appreciating) a career in computer programming in The United States, it is beneficial to understand the (I) education/training required, (II) possible jobs, and (III) the future outlook of the career. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Magic Touch Thesis Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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