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Reach Out and Touch - Coursework Example

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One of the lessons is that the child is being taught that it is wrong to touch or disturb strangers and in order for the child to learn, the mother uses a slap on the child’s hand. Also, the mother hushes off all questions that her child raises about the stranger’s neck. The…
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Reach Out and Touch
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Extract of sample "Reach Out and Touch"

Reach Out and Touch Affiliation Task One of the lessons is that the child is being taught that it is wrong to touch or disturb strangers and in order for the child to learn, the mother uses a slap on the child’s hand. Also, the mother hushes off all questions that her child raises about the stranger’s neck. The action is aimed at making the child learn that some questions should not be asked and instead should remain unspoken. The lessons have the potential of influencing the child’s life later on, whereby, given a similar circumstance; the same behavior will be avoided.
Task 2
The author uses imagery when she says “brown skin magic of my neck”. She does this in attempts to describe the color of her skin and declares it magical as the child seems never to have seen someone of her color before. In addition, the child’s expectations of the neck to come off by touching it indicate a wonder from the child’s perspective.
Task 3
The difference in skin color between the children and the narrator is what drives the children into reaching out to her out of wonder as it seems as though they have never seen such before. From the narrator’s perspective, it seems her skin color has attracted more attention towards her as she appears to be used to it and even sees it okay for the children to touch her. In respect to age, the children’s reaction to the colored woman is with wonder and innocence while the grown women react differently. The mother’s child disciplines her children by slapping their hands and hushing them off, while the narrator smiles at them and even wishes she was seated next to them to assure them that their reactions were okay.
Task 4
When I was about five years, my family was hosting my aunts and uncles for a Thanks Giving ceremony. One of my uncles, however, didn’t look like the rest, according to my judgment. He looked scary and I did not not want to be anywhere near him. The rest of the family seemed not to be worried and actually behaved as though he was normal. I however came to learn that he had survived third degree burns on his body after arsonists burned down his home.

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