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The Invention of Colossus Mark 1 and Other Important Events in History - Essay Example

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This paper under the title "The Invention of Colossus Mark 1 and Other Important Events in History" focuses on the discovery that marked the emergence of the very first variable coefficient based single-purpose computer. The birth of this computer played a major role in the World War II.  …
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The Invention of Colossus Mark 1 and Other Important Events in History
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Extract of sample "The Invention of Colossus Mark 1 and Other Important Events in History"

Download file to see previous pages These computers were used as code breakers in the world war. the encrypted messages of the counterparts were decoded and decrypted with the help of these massive computers. The telegraphed messages sent by the German High Command to their army commands throughout occupied Europe were breached and decoded enabling the allies to formulate timely strategies against their opponents.
The Colossus Mark 2 was a newer and improved version of The Colossus Mark 1. This computer also assisted the allies greatly against the Germans in the World War II. "Women's Royal Naval Services" Wrens were the operators of many of the Colossus Mark II machines for the sole purpose of code-breaking during the World War II. Same was the case with the women of the US Navy who performed the same task by using Colossus Mark II.
Developed by the Harvard University and built by the IBM the Harvard Mark I was a physically massive computer having dimensions of length 55 feet, height 8 feet and it weighed 5 tons. Its usage during the World War II was vital in the sense that it provided crucial calculations for the allies navy force. This computer was thought to be the worlds first programmable computer.
The Cray I was the fastest computer processor of its Era and retained its reign of the computer industry for around five consecutive years. The Cray I processor-based computer was hand wired and it took approximately one whole year to get a single piece built.
A unique Vector Processing design was embedded in Cray I. This design speciality made the computer suit to many critical problems. These included the making of bomb simulation, cryptography and aircraft design.
The introduction of the Pentium Processor enhanced the calculation speeds to computers and gave a new life to the PC. The prevalence of the PCs within increasing number of places reflected the industry. The American Industry Revolution was assisted immensely by the invention of the Pentium Processor.
The advancements in computer Technology led to the use of computing technology in the battlefield right in the form of weapons.     ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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