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The Invention and history of Coca Cola( in the United States) - Research Paper Example

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No other product could make its place in the market in terms of consistently popular drink for the past 126 years. The product is popular because of its best taste and, therefore, gained…
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The Invention and history of Coca Cola( in the United States)
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Extract of sample "The Invention and history of Coca Cola( in the United States)"

Download file to see previous pages Coca-Cola was made-up by him in a three legged brass kettle as a result of serendipity when he was experimenting with the coca leaf and cola nut (The History of Coca-Cola).
After preparing the syrup for Coca-Cola, he took the jug along the street to Jacobs Pharmacy. It was at this place that the sample was termed "Excellent!!". The drink was highly appreciated and it was sold at five cents per glass. He accomplished first coke commercial and gave it a slogan "Delicious, Refreshing, Exhilarating!!!" (Fascinating Facts about the Invention of Coca-Cola®).
Pemberton fought during the Civil War for the South. He shifted to Atlanta after the war and started selling patent medicines. He was innovative and this made him operate his own laboratory under the name "Pemberton Chemical Co." The most popular drink sold by Pemberton was "Pembertons French Wine Coca", a drink prepared with wine and coca extract, and was widely accepted to cure nervous disorders, headache etc. The innovation continued and he came up with the "brain tonic", a temperance drink; Frank Robinson, a bookkeeper of Pemberton, first scripted this drink "Coca Cola" and this became the logo of the brand (Inventor of the Week Archive).
Later, Asa Griggs Candler made Coca-Cola a popular drink in 1888. With his efforts and alterations he rectified the drink and made it more palatable by eliminating alcohol and cocaine. He popularized the drink through advertisements; moreover, he spent 20% revenue on advertising. Candler was a pioneer to have advertisement pay off in such a grand manner for the company (The History of Coca-Cola).
The sale turned over to 4000% between the years 1890-1900. This gargantuan and massive success is attributed to the advertising potential that the company has shown. The advertisements were initiated by Candler, but later Coca-Cola became the most preferred soft drink of small town and big city inhabitants (The History of Coca-Cola).
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(The Invention and History of Coca Cola( in the United States) Research Paper)
The Invention and History of Coca Cola( in the United States) Research Paper.
“The Invention and History of Coca Cola( in the United States) Research Paper”, n.d.
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