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The history of American technology - Research Paper Example

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Running head: the history of american technology 21st November 2013 Introduction One of the key aspects that have shaped US economy is technology. Based on the developed technology that majority of the firms in US are using, the country has attained a competitive edge in the international market…
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The history of American technology
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Download file to see previous pages Some of the key brands that the company produces include Coke, Sprite, Coffee, Dazani, Coke Zero, Fanta and Sprite among others. Being headquartered in Atlanta US; the company operates in more than two hundred countries. One of the primary aspects that have made Coca-Cola Company to enjoy strong customer support is the use of effective methods of advertisement. John Pemberton was the pharmacist behind the invention of Coke brand back in 1886 and up to now the company still produces the same brands. Coca Cola is a brand that most of people prefer and have strong loyalty towards it. Due to its well organized market strategies and advertisements, the brand still survives and competes with other companies soft brands stiffly. The Coca-Cola Company always relies on extensive advertisement to market its brands thus making it to attain a competitive edge in the market. This paper seeks to discuss how advertising technology for Coca-Cola has evolved. Technology use in Coca Cola Company advertisements Coca-Cola Company has high value of technology not only in its production process but also in its advertisement strategies. The company realizes that based on the extensive use of technology by its competitors including Pepsi and Starbucks among others, the company has to emulate extensive technology in order to remain competitive in the international market. The company constantly changes, rebrands, and advertises the products in order to keep sales consistently high (Dev and Don, 2005). Since the start of social networking and the ability to stay inline with internet marketing, Coca Cola Company has invested heavily in new technology so as to further their brand awareness campaigns. Greener bottles Coca Cola Company introduced the technology of greener bottles and packaging and it was able to produce almost 2.5 billion products using less petroleum. The technology was successful and other companies were attracted to it since it was not expensive. One of the companies that borrowed the idea was Heinz which was known for food processing. The production of 2.5 billions represented four percent of the Coca Cola packaging and this makes billions of Coca Cola products to be exported globally each year. Social networking Coca Cola Company maintains good appearance in social networking sites like face book and twitter, attracting over 35 millions people in social networking thus effectively spreading the its new brands in the international market. Coca Cola Company have been campaigning, inviting people to play games to win its products. Through the use of the social networking technology, the company products always enjoy the support of young consumers who are technology savvy. Online advertising Coca Cola Company uses effective online advertising and this makes consumers to feel like the product is the only company dealing with soft drink beverage in the market. The company uses extensive advertisements on its websites that means that coca cola has a greater control in the market and this make the product to be top in market. Evolution of coca cola company advertisement strategies Coca Cola is among the best known brands in the world today. Dated back in 1886, the company used to offer free drinks to the customers as mode of advertisement. For instance, the company used marketers like Asa Candler to advertise its products and the budget estimate was about $12,000. Asa ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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