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Do Computers Increase Or Decrease Social Connection - Essay Example

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This paper talks that social informatics has revolutionalised the relevance of computers in the society today. Technology has altered the way people interact with each other. Computing is now perceived to be human centered. It has an impact in social and cultural trend the global society. …
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Do Computers Increase Or Decrease Social Connection
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Download file to see previous pages The information communication technologies have helped in shaping the thoughts and actions in ways that affected the lives of people directly. The discovery of voice over internet protocol has made it possible to make internet calls effectively. The society has learnt to view new machines, not as mere products to be purchased, but facilitators of a larger system. This is determined by how usable the machines are in meeting the expectations of the society. The meaning attached to machines or technological innovations has to make life easier for them to be relevant to the mainstream society. Historians argue that new machines are not necessarily coercive agents that force people into social changes. However, in the recent past, the innovations in the information communication technology have had a coercive effect in the social aspect of communication. A compelling example in the impact of social media in the presidential complains in the United States of America. The social media have played a significant role in the success of the Arab spring. The strength of connectivity that has come from the latest information technologies cannot be underestimated2. Computers are viewed as agents of office efficiency. However, it is argued that computers have been known to cause eye problems, back disorders and time wastage in case of software failure. According to the American manufacturing association, of the organizations that reduced staff due to computerization, 24 per cent suffered losses while 43 per cent raised profits3. Through technology, people can study degree programs and attend classes in a virtual atmosphere. A lecturer can teach a class of people with is in different parts of the globe. However, online learning cannot...
This paper approves that technology means different things to different social groups. The owners of the supercomputers are estimated to be in different social levels with the owners of desktop computers. The owners of supercomputers are perceived to be established and engaged in high level technological operations. There are characteristics that determine the likability of technology or computing. The more they are adopted, the more they develop their usefulness. This is mostly manifested in the network technologies. The selling point of technologies must be the ease to adopt and the relevance in the immediate usage. There has been an observation that after people adopts a technology, they develop with it. They upgrade as the technology upgrades, and it becomes hard to switch them to another technology.
This report makes a conclusion that media ideologies about one medium affect the media ideologies about the other media. Face book and tweeter have had a substantial effect in the way different groups communicate. The social media users are able to send messages and share information in real time. Recent developments have seen the social media empowered to facilitate video calls. It is not clear whether social media is an official method of communication. However, the weight of the messages passed on social media depends on the groups involved and the intended message. Small changes in technology can end up changing the ways in which people circulate information. Technology is rapidly tilting towards improved connectivity. Smartphone is now a means of communication and internetworking. Most scholars talk about new forms of emerging connection technologies, which have been built upon the existing technologies. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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