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Jose de Goya y Lucientes was born on March 30, 1746, in Fuendetodos, a small village in northern Spain. At the age of fourteen he became an apprentice for a local artist, Jose Luzan. Later he traveled to Madrid where he took interest in the last of the great Venetian painters…
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Goya and Colossus
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"Goya and Colossus"

After attempting and failing to enroll in the Royal Academy of San Fernando, Goya then traveled to Rome, Italy. Then he moved on to Sagossa in 1771 where he painted fresco in several local churches, establishing a reputation. After Goya achieves his first successful movement, he became a portrait painter for the Spanish aristocracy.The likelihood that Colossus is meant to be indicative of tumultuous war times is great. We can tell from other famous paintings of his that he has very strong feelings about the war with the French and the Spanish. If a person were to look at this painting and make a speculation as to the meaning there are many inferences one could make even if they did not have knowledge of the historical aspect of war. It is apparent that much unrest ensues and a gigantic figure is presiding over all living beings. While there has been assumptions that this man is Napoleon, I tend to doubt it. I believe this figure is meant to embody a much larger force that controls and protects-probably a God. This man is strong force that intervenes in a time of crisis. The Peninsular War was definitely a crisis for the Spanish. The nature of how he was painted-a very muscular build yet shaded in such a way that he does not appear to be a human being-suggests that Colossus is a divine being. This is a very difficult painting to interpret. Read More
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