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An Analysis of Socio-Technical Systems Approach - Research Paper Example

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This paper analyzes the socio-technical systems approach. This research discusses some of the important aspects associated with the socio-technical systems approach. This research presents an analysis of soft systems methodology and how this methodology is used for modern information systems. …
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An Analysis of Socio-Technical Systems Approach
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, the concept of the socio-technical system was formed to take into consideration mutual interrelationship between machines and humans and to encourage the course of developing both social and technical environments of work. In this scenario, that humanity and effectiveness would not disagree with each other any longer. Hence, the concept of socio-technical systems was emerged to handle the practical and theoretical issues of the working environment in the industry (Ropohl, 1999). This paper presents an analysis of socio-technical systems approach. The basic purpose of this research is to analyze the role of the socio-technical systems approach in the development of modern information systems.
Socio-technical systems are a very useful mechanism for designing and implementing an information system that reflects on social, human and organizational aspects and technical aspects in the implementation and design of organizational information systems. The basic purpose of socio-technical systems is to make sure that the organizational and technical components of an information system are maintained jointly. In this scenario, the result of putting into practice this development methodology is an improved analysis of how social, human and organizational aspects have an effect on the methods that are followed by business organizations to carry out business tasks and technical systems are utilized. Hence, this improved analysis and study of the system can play a significant role in the effective implementation of organizational structures, technical systems and business operations (Baxter & Sommerville, 2011; Bader et al., 1998; Berg, 1999).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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