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The Local Rivals of Endeavour - Essay Example

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According to the study, foreign competitors team up with local rivals of Endeavour. This may cause an increase in efficiency which is brought by low-cost partners from abroad. Because of this, competitive pressures occur maybe in the form of lower prices for services…
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The Local Rivals of Endeavour
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Download file to see previous pages The culture of the Chinese companies may significantly be different from the national culture of the country where Endeavour is located. Aside from Mikes obvious egotistic attitude, some factors may have been part of the conflict between Mikes coordination with the senior personnel among the Chinese contractors. Dealing with Asian companies requires certain people skills that know how the differences in the culture and these differences in the international socio-cultural environment can also play a part in Mikes offenses that have caused the conflicts, then the delays.
The theories relating to judgment suggest that when there is a certain standard, a person is being compared to that standard which influences the judgment. Mike is a star engineering student. With the owners being engineers themselves, they know the standards that Mikes talents meet which has affected their judgment. With this standard, they thought, being a star engineering student will transform into a very much valued employee - one that contributes a lot of value to the company. Mike lives up to a certain degree of very high standards. However, not knowing that such standards in the university will not transform into standards of being a great manager. There is also a point that because one of the owners view Mike as himself, the standards are further distorted.
The team fails to work well because the group dynamics have been distorted by Mikes attitudes. In order for a team to function well, there should be some harmony among the members in the form of good communication and the huge variance of personality between Mike and the other team members. However, Mikes attitudes especially when he has been consulted for some technical things has made communication worse - when the other members bring up a legitimate problem such as in the case of the Chinese contractors, Mike becomes defensive.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Local Rivals of Endeavour Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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