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What would you consider to be the most important socio-technical issues that should be considered in an analysis of CourseNet - Essay Example

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SocioTechnological Systems is an approach that identifies the interaction between people, technology & infrastructure in an establishment or in workplaces. In this paper we shall analyze different facets of STS involved in developing an e-learning program referred as…
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What would you consider to be the most important socio-technical issues that should be considered in an analysis of CourseNet
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Computer Based Learning - Internet has revolutionized how we do day to day things, including learning. E-Learning or Web based learning is beneficial for individuals as well as organizations as it has many advantages. It not only provides flexibility & ease of access, but also the performances are improved & are better compared to students studying in traditional schools.
A thorough investigation of the CourseNet  case requires grasp of most of these items.Setting sight on the entire system helps to avoid the trap of finding a singl point of blame.If an application is not working as desired , has bugs, fails too often it is easy to afix blame on the software programmer. However, this may not be a far-sighted approach.
In an organization that does not have documented policies or procedures, it is easy to shift blame. For a project to be successful it is essential that roles & responsiblites clearly defined.Sufficient attention is given to various management aspects for e.g. Cost Management, Risk Management, Scope Management , Time Management etc. Project Management is an approach of planning, organizing & managing resources to achieve flourishing goals & objectives of specific project.
All these aspects define the rate of success of a project. Effective project management pricnicpals & use of IT best practises such as defined by ITIL, SOX etc. are always helpful for project to proceed in an organized, phased manner.
In the event of missing procedures or insufficient attention towards one of the procedures it is difficult to be reasonable & determine the breakdown in the work flow. Those belonging to the bottom of the food chain are often held responsible for making mistakes though a decision maker would have commited strategic or a tactical error .
In the absence of necessary data points required for evaluation & lack of performance parameters can lead employees as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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