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MediTech Healthcare Information System - Case Study Example

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"Meditech Healthcare Information System" paper demonstrates the terminology of Meditech that is a software and service company associated with health informatics. The company has contributed to the health care sector on a massive scale with almost all types of health care solutions…
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MediTech Healthcare Information System
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Extract of sample "MediTech Healthcare Information System"

Download file to see previous pages The latest technology in information systems improves the ability to promote health equity challenges. Improper treatment of patients can lead to loss of life. Lots of patients lost their life due to late detection of the disease or being treated late. The integration of information technology is not up to the mark due to the low returns of revenue on the systems that are installed. Overhead of maintenance cost of these health care systems is also difficult to manage due to reduced funding. Developed countries are integrating computing technology and the Internet into their critical infrastructure. Information Technology has modified the healthcare sector to enhance efficiency, quality, and safety. The contribution of information technology in healthcare is relatively low. However, there are indications via surveys that investors are gearing up for increasing their investments. Although, a major barrier for healthcare systems includes the cost and complex implementation that may trigger significant work and cultural modifications. Moreover, the input for healthcare systems consists of Electronic Health Records (EHR). These records represent life history for a patient’s health information produced by one or more encounters in any care delivery system. Moreover, electronic health facilitates doctors to extract medical life history at a glance, resulting in improved and fast response to medical treatment and medication for the patient. Information technology facilitates healthcare with instant access to rich information related to patients, on the other hand, protection of these electronic health records is of utmost importance. Medical Information Technology Inc. (MEDITECH) is a software and Service Company that was established by Neil Pappalardo in 1969 located at Massachusetts, it is oriented at selling information systems widely installed around the globe in healthcare organizations (MEDITECH - healthcare information system ). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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