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FAA and the Implementation of En Route Automation Modernization - Research Paper Example

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From this research paper "FAA and the Implementation of En Route Automation Modernization" it is clear that one of the most complex and challenging programs the FAA has ever implemented is the transition from En Route Host computer and backup system to ERAM…
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Extract of sample "FAA and the Implementation of En Route Automation Modernization"

Download file to see previous pages The student summarized the benefits of the ERAM program and offer possible solutions for the challenges. The focus also included the benefits of the implementation of the ERAM program to the FAA and the flying world in general. In the end, the student developed and proposed possible solutions.
In the United States, air travel has grown exponentially due to the internal and external forces of demand. The FAA currently used a 40-year-old computer and a backup system called the En Route host computer system (O’Connell & Williams, 2011). The rise is in the traffic promoted introduction of a new and better program. The demand for a better program led to the development of the En Route Automation Modernization program (ERAM). With the new program, the processes of route requested and in-flight route changes become faster and easier to execute. The en route computer host system was used in 20 FAA air route control centers all over the country.
The ERAM program helps to ease the work of air traffic control by providing new solutions to support the ever-growing air traffic industry. It improved the information on security hence upgrading the communication support. The ERAM program is also used to process the flight radar data and generates data, which is displayed to the air traffic controller. ERAM also provided aeronautical information as it happened (O’Connell & Williams, 2011). This real-time data helped in controlling the airspace with ease. ERAM has a backup program that was helpful where there was a primary failure of operations. The system reduced cases of restriction in the busy air traffic operations and the backup program that provided warnings and alerts to the pilots. The ERAM also incorporated many sources of surveillance sources; thus, the ERAM can process complex aviation processes simultaneously. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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