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The Sociology of Modernization - Book Report/Review Example

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In the paper “The Sociology of Modernization” the author analyzes moderation in current societies, which is rated by the level of technology and civilization. United States of America stands out to be one of the most modernized counties in the world…
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The Sociology of Modernization
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Extract of sample "The Sociology of Modernization"

Download file to see previous pages This has helped to maintain stability in social, cultural and political aspects. Culture and change bare a great influence in the modernization process of the United States. Ralph Linton is a modern theorists who discovered that there is a very high percentage of people living in the United States and whose origins are from foreign countries. This has resulted to culture diversity in which the nation uses in promoting development through ideology. It is easy to practice development with this kind of approach as it brings about technological aspects from various communities as well as geographic location. A combination of ideas generates one big idea which leads to modernization. Cultural diversity helps people to take keen interests on small elements of the globe. A good example is the discovery of herbal medicine and its advancement using the modern technology. Herbal medicine is popular in Africa and Asian continents. The United States of America historically was not conversant with the idea that herbal medicine was effective compared to the chemical medicine. These discoveries have offered huge understanding of the human body. This has extended the level of life expectancy to a higher percentage.
Modernization rate is accelerated by the increase in the speed at which information is passed from a source to a recipient. Modernization also relays on the increase computer technology which enables global rooming. The U.S has a powerful technology system that facilitates efficient communication. and thus improvement of the industrial sector. The U.S has potential in modernization. This is because it is rich in technology as well as resources that essential to modernization. The state has adequate medical care and a good education system that can foster modernization. There is a stable political system that signifies civilization in the United States. This is a good indication that modernization will continue in the years to come. Although the state has experience economic imbalance in recent years, it still maintains its efficiency in production and supply of goods and services. This aspect is an indicator of modernization in future.
Modernization is currently a world process. Many nations in Europe and northern America have already established modernization (Harrison, 1988. Pg 57). Few nations in Africa have undergone transformation because of the long period of colonial rule and the political instabilities that are being experienced even in the current government systems. Unlike the U.S, Africa is rich cultural diversity. The only problem the is accompanied with this cultures is that they are traditionally based and need to be abolished since they cannot accommodate change. Africa has also not employed the approach of minimization of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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