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Front-end and back-end processes of office automation - Essay Example

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In an office automation system, there are two essential processes that take place. These are the back-end and the front-end processes. The system that is mainly involved in the frontline procedures in the workplace, which includes the database encoding, is the front-end system…
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Front-end and back-end processes of office automation
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Extract of sample "Front-end and back-end processes of office automation"

Front-end and back-end processes of office automation In an office automation system, there are two essential processes that take place. These are the back-end and the front-end processes. The system that is mainly involved in the frontline procedures in the workplace, which includes the database encoding, is the front-end system. The main task being undertaken by this system mainly entails the routine activities of the different sections and departments in the workplace. These activities involve business transactions and record monitoring. It can also include basic processing programs that are set-up to ease the tasks being undertaken ("Front-end," 2005; Goldfield, 1987). The back-end system, on the other hand, serves as the back-up system. The main tasks include organization, administration and maintenance of the data pooled in the system from the front-end. Another indispensable task is analysis of data mainly through the creation of programs that can automatically complete the synthesis of information fundamental to the operation. Thus, the back-end system commonly involves the concluding stage of data processing ("Back-end," 2005; Goldfield, 1987). The typical system that is being utilized is that which involves a network of hardware stations. The main job of the front end of the system is to input the raw data regarding the main task of the establishment. The back-end system, on the other hand, concludes and analyzes the processes involved in the system and produced output for the business.
The utilization of the system of automation that employs workflow database technology can perform important advantages in any business establishment. One of the benefits of such system is that can adopt on the basis of the scale of the institution or the business. Thus, the applicability ranges from small business to a large scale and complex operations. The small company can function through basic process that may have been working through manual office processes prior to the introduction of these systems, hence required a workflow technology that is compatible to the system. Comparatively, a company that works through more diverse processes requires tedious planning. In some cases, though wherein the company is already utilizing a workflow management system, updates are required. The generation of such updates, thus, involved study of the present system and the probable problems or errors being encountered in its utilization. The solutions then that are made is incorporated and applied to the preexisting system (Alonzo, and Mohan, n.d.).
The application of a workflow management had generated considerable interest in the public due to its application. Its application even reached the field of medical care. Modern hospitals see the need for application of these network systems due to the fact that advanced diagnostic examinations involved utilization of computers. The front-end is involved in the database records of the patients along with the input of test results. Essential departments such as accounting and other sections that can be considered as backbone of any business establishment mainly involved in administrative tasks also utilize work stations connected to the system. The back-end processes, on the other hand, creates program for the production of outputs which are mainly the automatic report processing (Alonzo, and Mohan, n.d.).
The utilization of an automation system can be beneficial to business establishments and institutions as many technological discoveries introduced in the public in the contemporary era. This is due to the fact that these technologies can improve the efficiency of task completion and can lessen the input such as cost, time and effort. Although this is the case, these systems are also subject to breakdown and system error which is a nuisance that is incorporated. This can be monitored though to be able to work for the benefit of the system, thus, regular updates are required (Alonzo, and Mohan, n.d.). In the era of modern technology, it can be a hindrance for companies not to utilize workflow management technologies; hence if feasibility study has been undertaken, the utilization of such systems can be beneficial.
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