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E-commerce - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the e-commerce, that with the rapid growth of internet in the business environment has percolated the strategic processes of the insurance industry. The researcher focuses on the increased sales, improving of the customer service, e -commerce and e - business solutions…
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Extract of sample "E-commerce"

Download file to see previous pages Clear communication channels and escalation matrix should also be defined. The core team must prepare a methodology and time frame to transfer existing data to the new system. A final launch date should be adhered to or changed depending on project progress. The leadership team must pay special attention to securing staff buy in, so that the new system when launched is embraced by the users. In implementing this strategy various organizational, management and technical issues will need to be addressed. This is discussed below.
Organizational Issues
In order that a life insurance company moves from a brick and mortar business to an automated environment, strategic leadership is very important. The leadership team may need to evaluate:
"Strategy to deal with channel conflict
Prevent erosion of margins
Assess type of products suitable for web distribution
Techniques to strengthen customer relationships and gain new customers online" (Bloor Research).
This entails huge investment in IT infrastructure. The leadership team will need to decide the payment method for this investment. One option is to outsource or share costs with a provider while the other is to take costs out of existing operations. For example Allstate Insurance, a US based insurer "restructured its workforce to support a move towards a multi-channel sales strategy encompassing the Internet, call centers and agents. It eliminated thousands of non-agent positions and converted captive agents into independent contractors. These changes reportedly will save the company $600m. Allstate has also reportedly reorganized and consolidated some of its operations to save costs" (Insurance Journal).
The life insurance company needs to decide the areas to...
This essay evaluates the strategy for a life insurance company to transform from a brick and mortar business to an e enterprise. The researcher focuses on the discussion of the issue of converting a life insurance company to an e-enterprise, that requires not only huge monetary investment, but also investment in keeping the energy and tempo of the employees high so that project implementation is successful. If e launch is successful, some parts of the traditional set up can be replaced by more modern processes. It will turn the insurance company from a mammoth organization to a lean firm. Reduce processing time and control cost, e –commerce and e – business solutions hold great appeal for an insurance company. Josefowicz aptly notes that a life insurance company can “maintain a small group of e-business experts to provide guidance, consistency and best practices on the five key areas of strategy, education, usability, security and standardization”. The researcher states that this will help the company reduce the risk of: re-inventing the wheel for each new initiative, supporting cross-purpose initiatives, lack of training, which leads to lack of adoption and user frustration, divergent interfaces, which increases training expense, and reduces adoption, expensive, unnecessary integration of divergent systems, lack of interoperability, expensive and time-consuming post facto integration. The researcher then concluds that it's competence, clear direction and enthusiasm, that can surely make the project a success.
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(E-Commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 1)
E-Commerce Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words - 1.
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.... These representatives should be clear about their role in this form of business and in what manner should they interact with customers. Since they would be the only means by which a customer can get the inside view of the company, therefore this fact alone makes their job very crucial and demanding. Along with this the company also needs to enhance its online intelligence gathering regarding the most searched products on the web. This intelligence can be used by the company to widen its product offering range. This is a very important activity when launching the website on the global landscape. List of References Beck, U 2000, What is Globalization? Blackwell Publishing Inc., Malden, MA, USA. Chaffey D, 2004, E-Business and E-Commerce...
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.... Rapid deployment of their cyber security measures helps to provide added security to their online resources such as e-commerce websites, extranets and intranets. It is essential for these resources to operate in safe, secure and stable environment as organizations work on huge stores of data and it is important to ensure to ensure integrity of the data and protect the company’s e-commerce and IT infrastructure. With the growth of e-commerce it becomes even more vital for the business leaders to ensure that their highly complex and networked infrastructure, customer bases, trade secrets and intellectual property rights remain uncompromised and at the same time the possibilities of revenue losses and business disruptions are minimized...
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...., Donnellan, M., and Read, Cedric. (2004). CFO insights: achieving high performance through finance business process. Wiley and Sons. Joseph, P.T. (not dated). E-Commerce: An Indian Perspective 3Rd Ed. Bombay: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd. Keen, P. (1997). Business multimedia explained: a manager's guide to key terms & concepts. Harvard Business Press. Kellerman, A. (2002). The Internet on earth: a geography of information. Wiley and Sons. Plunkett, J. (2008). The Almanac of American Employers 2009. Plunkett Research, Ltd. Shi, N. (2004). Wireless communications and mobile commerce . Idea Group, Inc. (IGI). Storz, C. (2007). Competitiveness of new industries. London: Routledge. Unhelkar, B. and...
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...mann (2005) reasoning it would suffice to conclude then that the way forward is to work towards some kind of "export intermediation hybrids" which will change the "division of tasks in the export marketing channel" (Houmann 2005). References Houmann (2005)Export intermediation and the internet: an activity-unbundling approach , Journal: International Marketing Review ,Volume: 22,Number: 2 ,Year: 2005,pp: 147-164 Copyright Emerald Group Publishing Limited ISSN: 0265-1335 1. Alderson, W. (1957), Marketing Behaviour and Executive Action, Doubleday Books, New York, NY 2. Anderson, E., Anderson, R. (2002), "The new e-commerce intermediaries", MIT Sloan Management Review, Vol. 43 No.4, pp.53-62. 3. Andersen, P.H., Chao, P. (2003),...
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... of seconds. Flag carriers like British Airways, KLM, Cathay Pacific, Qantas, American Airlines and Singapore Airlines responded by installing e-commerce platforms as the robust channel for business. The role of E-commerce in BA survival The Paris Crash in 2000 and the 9/11 terrorist attacks the following year, coupled by fluctuating maintenance costs, and the future of Concorde was limited despite the expensive modifications after the crash. BBC1 related that experts used passenger figures and other published data to forecast the airline’s 2002 full-year result and put up with the likely pre-tax loss in between £300m and £400m. Projecting profits and sales compared to losses was neither an exact science as recognised by Corts2 but given...
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... provide services to them (Magal, 2012). Finally, Consumer-to-Consumer commerce allows an individual to sell services or goods to other individuals over the internet. Question 2 Levels of the internet economy comprise of internet infrastructure layer, application infrastructure layer, intermediary marker layer, as well as internet commerce layer, (Kamis, 2011). The internet infrastructure layer comprises of companies that offer services for creating an IP based network and a prerequisite for E-commerce. The internet application layer builds upon the internet infrastructure layer and makes technology viable to carry out business proceedings online. Internet intermediary layer increases the efficiency of E-markets through facilitating...
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..., communication infrastructures and computer systems. The increase in internet content like text messaging and multimedia and support services such as online catalogues, security systems and payment settlement systems have also supported the growth in e-commerce (Pankaj, 2005). Many global organizations have adopted e-commerce in order to increase their market share, create new online subsidiaries, attain a competitive edge in the market, reduce the entry barriers in the global market and reduce the costs of doing business. E-commerce has evolved from the transaction level business to a relationship based business that is characterized by...
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.... D. Most Popular seal Among the other two authorities to provide seal, Symantec is the leading provider of SSL certificates globally. Symantec secures more than one million web servers worldwide. Symantec also secures over two-thirds of websites using Extended Validation SSL – including the biggest names in E-commerce and banking E. Choosing the best seal Regardless in price and eligibility, choosing any one seal out of other two’s, will take some consideration. If business protection and security -through authentication and data encryption- will get primary importance, it will be surely Symantec, which provide that type of service worldwide. But considering a wide range of criteria, such as business honesty and responsibility...
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... Resources Management Association & Khosrow-Pour, 2002). The integral aspect of globalization and online marketing and sales overrides the competitive agenda for companies. The creation of websites for enquiries and transactions which is highlighted in the paper makes the work captivating and consistent with observed social changes. The author also points out the effectiveness of web-based consumer interaction with the organization (In Lee & IGI Global, 2014). In fact the idea of increased confidence to make enquiries has significantly boosted sales for companies. Besides, E-commerce is portrayed as a tool of customer feedback mechanism on their areas of dissatisfaction. The efficiency of consumer choice platform on websites has offered...
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As may be inferred from Phipps and Merisotis’ (1999) argument, online education is an opportunities’ equaliser to the extent that it offers prospective learners from the four corners of the globe the chance to study in and graduate from reputable universities of their choice, eliminating time and space constraints and challenges because it takes the educational environment to the learner and allows the former to design his/her educational programme around his/her time. 

Online education has the potential to be an education opportunities’ equaliser but, in practical terms, it has not realised that potential yet. This statement is borne out by Gilbert’s (2001) contention that available statis...
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On the other hand, this research is rather indicative of the first trends characterized by the expansion of e-commerce globally. E-commerce has become today the main ‘tool’ for the development of business activities even for companies that were traditionally related to specific regions or companies that have rejected primarily the e-commerce as a ‘tool’ for the increase of their performance. On the other hand, it should be admitted that the USA is the country where is e-commerce has been chosen as a primary tool of the trade for business activities. Other countries around the world are also participating actively in the use of e-commerce as a valuable entrepreneurial strategic tool. It should be noticed how...
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The Impact of E-Commerce on the US Labour Market

The value of total E-Commerce transactions in the major economic sectors1 in the US went up for approximately 78.7% between 2000 and 20042as Manufactures and Merchant Wholesaler depended the greatest on E-Commerce whereas Retailers increased their use of E-Commerce at the highest rapidity. In 2004, E-Commerce grew faster than total economic activity in three of the four major economic sectors, which indicated E-Commerce has been gradually changing the way organizations operate, as well as the consumers’ shopping habits. Looking ahead, it is generally expected that E-Commerce will gain a substantial share of trade between market participants, although it is difficult, at least at this stage, to commensurate the exact extent o...
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Scaling the e-business in IT infrastructure is important because it reduces the cost and expenses to interact with the customers and suppliers. It also helps in maintaining and in management of the e-business. 

“As your environment begins to evolve, it is important to recognize the value of horizontally scaling your platforms and applications to support increased loads and service requirements. As the concurrency and complexity of your systems grow, the greater the need becomes to support policy-based routing, application and data caches, as well as load balancing hardware and software.” (Whitepaper; August 2001)

From very starting there was a need for those applications that can be used to c...
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The following website presents news and trends regarding e-commerce: The significance of this website is the fact that addresses potential or existing entrepreneurs. In this context, the above website can be used by anyone who is interested in entering e-commerce – even if he/ she is at his/ her first steps within the business area. Moreover, the particular website provides solutions to all common problems that an entrepreneur may face if entering the e-commerce sector.
Google should be characterized as a quite successful online business. The particular firm has achieved significant growth since its first establishment. In fact, throu...
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The globalization movement created a greater need to determine the equivalent valuation of monetary units also referred to as the exchange rate in order to execute a trade of goods among nations. Currency exchange is the trade value of one unit of currency into another currency which is required to facilitate the trade of goods and services among nations. For example, as of January 9, 2008, the currency exchange market value of one Euro was 1.47 US dollars (Yahoo, 2008). The exchange is a market mechanism that is very instrumental in the monetary policy of the nation. Both the developing nations and a developed nation must instill a sound monetary unit strategy to create a stable currency that is both liquid and valuable in the ma...
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The Role of Web Services in E-Commerce

Web services share business logic, data, and processes through a programmatic interface across a network (Kaye, 2003).

This becomes a platform for business that takes place across the internet in ways that were previously unimagined. E-commerce is much like regular commerce except that the markets have expanded and the competition has become global instead of local or even regional. Web services allow people from across the world to engage in business and the few barriers which remain for truly global commerce are being removed with automated language translators and website optimization techniques that allow users from different locations to view the web as they prefer to view it. All of these developments are takin...

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E-Commerce: Airlines and the Virtual Market

Airlines offer all travel-related services and aim to make its website a one-stop solution for all travel-related needs. Thirdly, they can offer cheaper solutions as customers can directly book through the website which eliminates the role of the agent or a broker. They cater to the segment that is looking for international travel quickly and simply without any frills and services (CIM, 2005).

People from many European countries do not follow English and hence to attract and remain competitive, EasyJet has offered services through their website in all the European languages. This lends a personal touch to the services offered and the customers can, from the comfort of their home or workplace make all their bookings. The...
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E-Commerce Strategy and Customer Privicy

and Malaysia Airways homepage (see appendix 4,5,6) provides the user with an overview of their whole site, which is vitally important as (Nielsen, 2008) explains "The homepage is your companys face to the world." As recommended by Nielsen (2008) Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways have used a tagline to capture and communicate the essence of the company; making the sites purpose immediately clear. Their logo is also apparent, boosting brand awareness, differentiating identity from competitors and providing familiarity to users. It can be found in the top left hand corner of the homepage, showing standard HTML conventions have been adopted.
Easy Jet, British Airways and Malaysia Airways use standard hyperlinks, tab...
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Validating Late Mover Advantages in e-commerce: Evidence from Selected Companies

... as the one with high competition and rivalry between competing companies. The market dynamics have been drastically changed over the years as marketing and selling over the internet has become an integral part of business strategies. The changing trends in the consumer behaviour and attitude towards shopping at their own ease has pushed businesses to rethink of their strategies and approach the business in an entire new way to which they may not be accustomed to. E-commerce has allowed firms to move away from traditional ways of business by overcoming the constraints including geographical, market selection and targeting, time, cost of operations, marketing and branding and restrictions over communications with customers. E-commerce poses...
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