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A New Development in Information Technology - Research Paper Example

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This research tells that the R&D department at HP (Hewlett-Packard) has developed a new dimension of the memory circuit that was theoretically defined 37 years ago. This new advancement in the field of Information Technology is capable of replacing RAM and tracking data it has maintained…
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A New Development in Information Technology
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Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the memristor circuit runs on a lower voltage/time ratio if compared with DRAM, flash and similar competitive memory. This implies that memristor will consume less power than flash memory with denser cells. HP has designed a number of prototypes to elaborate the working and efficiency of a memristor. According to William, the head researcher at HP, this invention is the confirmation of concepts that were emerging for the past 40 years. Scientifically, a memristor is considered the fourth element in electronic circuit design after capacitor, resistor, and inductor. It took nearly 150 years for memristor to appear in the practical or physical form. The fact that memristor’s discovery is considered a milestone is due to the reason that the properties of this element cannot be replaced by the combination of any of the three circuit’s unit. Therefore memristor is as essential to electronic circuit as a photon is to physics. Late in 1971, a professor at the University of California, Leon Chua, hypothesized that a memristor would have properties much similar to the ‘synapse’ in the neuron system of the brain. This part of the brain control and transmits signals between two neurons and gets stronger after each signal. This type of behavior was never witnessed before in any element. HP cannot and is not trying to make memristor as capable of functioning as the human brain but trying to build a machine that has slightly different performance than today’s computers. The experimentation was created by applying charge to the blocks of titanium dioxide circuit. The resistance of memristor was determined by the quantity of current flowing through the circuit. The essential and most promising part of the memristor is that the memory retains the information even when the flow of current through the circuit has stopped. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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