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The paper under the title 'Issues of Information Technology' presents many companies that are faced with a dilemma when it comes to issues of Information technology. One such dilemma may arise when an organization plans to develop software for internal use…
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Download file to see previous pages Like many other companies, Booz Allen Hamilton Company has to make sure all its stakeholders understand what system development means and what purposes it is meant to serve. This information should be known by both insiders and outsiders in order to make the evaluation of their decision easy to implement. This is so because the effective partnership is significant in creating a close and mutual and respectful working relationship between developers and users of any software project (Maier 1998). To take the best step, there are issues that Booz Allen Hamilton must sort out. First, the company must identify a large IT problem that needs to be solved. Jessup and Valacich (2003) advise that the problem should then be broken down into several smaller and manageable pieces that can be translated into computer programs. The social software should join each program into an overall comprehensive system that caters to the whole problem as illustrated in the below diagram by Jessup and Valacich (2003).
At this point, any company can discover the complexity of the program needed and weigh options with regard to the expertise it has at hand. Where the company realizes that its personnel is not competent enough to develop such software, it should consider other alternatives (FCA 2007). In case the company realizes that their problem needs software that their personnel can develop, then it should consider developing it in-house if the time consumed and resources needed are less than the cost of purchasing or securing the development otherwise.
As Booz Allen Hamilton Company considers the off-the-shelf software development, the evaluation process will be vital. This should be done by evaluating and analyzing the features, functions, benefits, and costs of viable options so as to develop the best software for business (Jessup & Valacich 2003). In most cases, developing in-build software will fit the company perfectly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Issues of Information Technology Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1479 Words)
Issues of Information Technology Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1479 Words.
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