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Ethical issues within information technology can be defined as a frame work which considers moral issues concerning use of information and its privacy. Information technology is facing some serious ethical challenges. The five ethical issues within information technology are…
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Ethical Issues within Information Technology
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Ethical Issues within Information Technology Ethical issues within information technology can be defined as a frame work which considers moral issuesconcerning use of information and its privacy. Information technology is facing some serious ethical challenges. The five ethical issues within information technology are privacy, security, ownership, control and accuracy. Information technology helps to find and share relevant information online but it exploits the privacy. Uses of internet webcams, use of social networks are few ways to exploit the freedom of privacy. An experienced computer user can turn on of any webcam of any computer system online and can get access of anyone’s private life. Similarly social networking media is used to connect with friend and relatives and share the events of life (Reynolds, 2014). But if someone’s intention is wrong then he may use the shared data or pictures which is not right at all. Security is another important issue. Hackers can easily hack into any computer by using internet protocol and collect data to fulfill some selfish reasons. In case of online banking hackers can easily get information about the transfer of funds and money can be transferred to their desired account by their interruption. So security should be at high level while using information technology (Azari, 2003). Ownership is such kind of ethical issue which indicates the right of an original creator on his work. Information technology has made it easy to get access about any information at any given point of time. There are so many music and book sharing networks through which people can download those data and can use for their own purpose. In such cases the original creators of those works lose the credibility of their work. Extensive use of networks and internet, easy access to technology and advanced wireless telecommunication system gradually losing the control on the whole process and hacker are getting benefits from their mal practices (Brennan and Johnson, 2004). Sharing own data also hamper the accuracy level of the information. People use these data as an authentic source but sometimes they do not get the proper data for using in their work.
According to the importance of these ethical issues, these can be ranked as the following order: Privacy, Security, Control, Ownership and Accuracy. Privacy, security and control are three most important parameters for reducing the practice of hacking (George, 2008). Computer crime, viruses, hacking, piracy, plagiarism these are very serious impact on the field of information technology. Current stake holders are suffering from these practices and future stakeholders will suffer also from such mal practices. So unwillingly they will not invest money in this field. At the part of recommendation this can be stated that Government should implement more strict rules and regulations regarding usage of information technology. The process for accessing data should be rectified and new technology should be applied for reducing the practice of hacking. The user should show the social responsibility and use the technology for a noble cause. Leaders in this field have to take more initiatives to reduce unwanted practices and improve this technology for better growth of the nation.
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