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Security as a management or technological issue - Essay Example

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Since few decades, there has been significant advancement in the field of information technology that has resulted in major alterations in various fields around the globe. In specific, organisations are one of the noteworthy beneficiaries of information technology, as inclusion…
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Security as a management or technological issue
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Download file to see previous pages 11-24, 2009). Due to such significance and impact of security issues, a number of experts have been carrying out researches to identify loopholes in the systems. However, such researches (Azari, pp. 20-41, 2003) have resulted in the commencement of new debate or two different perspectives regarding the issue of security in organisations, as some experts promote consideration of security as a management issue, whereas, some encourage its deliberation as a technical or technological issue. In specific, this paper will attempt to evaluate the security issue from different perspectives, and will endeavor to recognise its existence from either perspective.
In order to understand the security issue, it is imperative to understand the processes of organisations and information systems, and for such purpose, understanding of a cell will be valuable. In specific, every cell in the humans exists for a particular purpose, and for accomplishing the task, cells utilise the environment as an input, and this cycle continues in a constant manner throughout a human life. In this regard, it is an understanding that environment or surroundings in the form of organs play a greater and influential role in success of different cells in the body. It is the case with IT systems, as well as business processes in which, environment plays an imperative role in the success of organisation, and similarly, in the success of IT systems.
Moreover, after the globalisation, organisations are now in connection to the environment due to introduction of technological systems in different business processes that now are very crucial during various business decisions and policies of organisations. Internet is an obvious example of such position of organisations that have now become a part of a larger technology network (Azari, pp. 81-84, 2003). A few decades ago, internet access was not an ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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