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Information Technology in the Development of Richter Company - Case Study Example

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This paper under the title "Information Technology in the Development of Richter Company" focuses on the largest pharmaceutical factory in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy between the first and the Second World War. The company was popular for its innovations in the region.  …
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Information Technology in the Development of Richter Company
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Extract of sample "Information Technology in the Development of Richter Company"

Download file to see previous pages The company’s departments were responsible for the management and procurement of their technological needs. Various systems relied on laboratories and finance departments to meet their objectives. Most of the staff had no types of equipment for their own desktop computers. After nationalization, Richter practised its modern efforts and obtained government grants occasionally with the help of research institutes. The company could now encourage inventions and support its protection by patents.
Richter produced a range of different kinds of products like API’s which were in powder form. Other products were finished products and had different forms such as sprays, tablets, gels and creams. The firm had two domestic production sites which the company kept providing with upgraded production types of equipment in order to adhere to the requirements made by the international standards. The firm had active manufacturing capabilities in four nations although, by 1992, there was no central strategy for IT. Each department, as a result, had its own management of technological needs.
Vincent Szucs joined the company in 1993 as the head of Information Technology (IT). By then, IT was decentralized and there was no consistent strategy. The main aim of Szucs was to centralize IT and organize the institute in a privatized organization. He, therefore, selected the client-server version of SAP. SAP implementation financial modules helped Richter by supporting privatization. Richter’s IT was the core of the organization’s development. The Richter’s IT department helped in the installation of many different kinds of software applications. The major projects at this period included: the SAP business information warehouse as the financial reporting scheme, a document management system, and the rollout of SAP in Poland and Romania.
The whole company was connected to the VPN, the virtual private network. IT department made all main policies for foreign affiliates and operations concerning the network, for instance, the employee misuse of the internet and the firewalls.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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