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Why People Use Facebook and Their Activities - Case Study Example

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This paper "Why People Use Facebook and Their Activities" focuses on the fact that people utilize Facebook for its many practical applications and concepts that are geared toward lifestyle enhancement. The profiles of individuals are those with a desire to maintain strong social relationships.  …
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Why People Use Facebook and Their Activities
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Extract of sample "Why People Use Facebook and Their Activities"

Download file to see previous pages Facebook is a platform for improving an individual’s local or national visibility, which appeals to psycho-social concepts of self-esteem development and social belonging which are common emotionally-based needs on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and other relevant, well-respected psychological models.
Facebook allows users to interact in the virtual environment in real-time or through messaging and discussion board platforms. Facebook has been very competent in its competitive market orientation which gives the business more competitive advantage. This is supported by the volume of time the user remains in certain areas of the website. The case study identifies that average browsing time in the marketplace is one hour and twenty-two minutes. This is quite an accomplishment when other sites selling products in similar categories have a difficult time keeping customers browsing through their online product pages without clicking off or transferring to competitor websites. In addition, the average time per user when connecting with applications (such as gaming) is over four hours. The interactive applications sustaining such a high timeframe during the visit includes 14 million unique visitors and 88 million total visits in 2007, which indicates considerable loyalty to Facebook applications for returned visitors. Again, this is an excellent achievement which suggests a great deal of brand loyalty and brand preference exists in other social media competition.
Marketing theory proposes that some of the most successful marketers find success through psychographics, which is linking lifestyle to needs fulfilment to create a positive brand with the customers. Facebook provides a medium that allows for free expression of values, principles, and even opinion on a variety of different, relevant concepts in society such as politics and government, social systems, education, and even retailing which is widely appropriate for a mass market focus. This is why people use Facebook: The website provides opportunities to increase the users’ significance in society and instils a sense of social importance, especially when the website indicates plenty of visitors have viewed their personal pages and message boards.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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