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The Impact of Information Technology on the Society and Businesses - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the role of IT in business as multi-faceted and it may range from internal operations and data repositories to eMarketing and eCommerce. The globalization of businesses has necessitated the induction of tools and trade of information technology into the SMEs all over the world…
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The Impact of Information Technology on the Society and Businesses
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Extract of sample "The Impact of Information Technology on the Society and Businesses"

Download file to see previous pages A major segment of the SMEs is comprised of the manufacturing sector. IT can contribute in many different ways to the manufacturing sector and can reduce the overall cost while ensuring the efficient use of available resources and the premium quality productions. The manufacturing industries have a great room for ICT related innovations. The automation of production, design automation, inventory support, supply change system and other support information systems can bring strategic and competitive advantages to a manufacturing firm. The use of eCommerce and eMarketing can contribute substantially towards viable business growth. Lately, but surely this uncertainty has now vanished and information technology budget is getting bigger and has been accepted as purely business oriented spending with definite results and implications. Today, the issue is not of ICT acceptability in manufacturing industries as a business requirement rather the issues are largely pertinent to the ICT industry itself. Manufacturing sector implements ICT infrastructures through hired consultants from the IT industry and there is a dearth of technical hands that can put the thing into effect meaningfully so as to achieve business objectives. The manufacturing industries are exposed to a serious challenge of getting the ICT experts, who can skillfully realize the requirements and demands of their specific domain and then propose a cost-effective solution which can address both; the demands of the domain and c the standards of ICT. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Impact of Information Technology on the Society and Businesses Research Paper - 3.
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