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Impacts of Technology on Our Society - Essay Example

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This paper Impacts of Technology on Our Society talks that technology influences almost all aspects of human life and it continues to grow and develop every day. In this way, society depends on technology to perform daily activities and fulfil various needs and this means the demand keeps on rising. …
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Impacts of Technology on Our Society
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"Impacts of Technology on Our Society"

Download file to see previous pages Communication is a basic and fundamental part of life and technology has ensured its efficiency to support human interactions. People across the world can now become more educated, more informed, and adopt ideas from others that change our society. Today, sending and receiving information is through a touch of a button and this has created an opportunity for people to become more united (Mangold & Faulds, 2009). Impact of Technology on Transport In essence, the growth of technology has also influenced greatly the development and expansion within the transport sector. In the olden day, animal carts and walking was the most efficient way that was available to move from one place to another. The development of the automobiles came into being which increased the speed for people to travel around. Transport is an important aspect of human life to move goods, people, and other resources for economic and social gain. Today, through technology the mode of transport has become faster, easier and effortlessly accessible to people. The development of airplanes and electric trains enables people to move from one place to another easily while saving time (Banister & Stead, 2004). In Britain, people travel from one constituency to another while going to their workplaces, and this is made easier by electric trains or air travel and this enables people to get jobs far from their residential places and still work comfortable without any problems. In this way, technology in the transport sector has improved travel arrangements and economic conditions for many countries. In reality, the road, air, and water transport have enabled the development of transport...
This essay stresses that our society is also facing depletion of resources as technology is growing faster and becoming easily accessible. The manufacturing industries of phones and computers are producing thousands of pieces to satisfy the demand of a billion customers across the globe. This large amount of computers or technological devices being produced is straining the earth’s natural resources.
This paper makes a conclusion that technological advancement has great impacts on our society depending on how it is used. Many areas of human life totally depend on technology including social, communication, education, health, business, and agriculture among others. In reality today, the world is controlled by fast communication devices that enable fast interaction and spread of information. These communication devices also enhance transport system that allows the economic development of the society. The world population depends on technology as a tool of growing enough crops to support life while education systems use technology to attract more students. Additionally, technology is largely used in health care to get correct diagnosis using new equipment that can non-invisibly access human anatomy. However, despite the many advantages of technology in our society, there are also negative impacts it brings. For instance, equipment like phone and social media are addictive to many young people reducing the amount of face-to-face interaction. The rise of many industries causes pollution while the natural resources are depleted to manufacture these technological devices. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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