Information Technology Integration in the Construction Industry - Assignment Example

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This paper aims to study the web-based management systems that are structured on XML and XML/EDL Model. A brief reference is given to the XML/EDL Model technology and a major portion of the paper studies the various applications of web-based management system in construction …
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Information Technology Integration in the Construction Industry
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Download file to see previous pages The advent of Information Technology has brought with it many revolutionary changes in the way human activity is carried on. The lightning speed of Internet communication has made it possible to compress time span required for collection, aggregation, and transfer of data from one end of the world to any other end. Information sharing, via the snail mail and Telegraph or telephone, has yielded place to Internet-based sharing. Most businesses have switched over to IT-enabled communication and sharing of Information and taken advantage of the new software available through IT for managing their work. Relatively, the Construction Industry had been lagging behind others in adopting these innovations in management. However, the industry is making up for its late entry by accelerating the rate of adoption of IT in their work.
This paper aims at exploring the importance of IT in the construction industry, and for this purpose, the significant applications of IT utilized by the construction industry are reviewed. Further, the challenges posed by the adoption of these IT technologies are studied in brief followed by suggestions for the future.
The association between design and construction in the industry is of significant interest to the study. Design and Construction personnel are in an integrated team rely heavily on the real-time and rapid exchange of information during the execution phase. Also, the project construction team available on-site faces many challenges with regards to proper information management, like documentation and record keeping. Many I.T. innovations have become available which facilitate such rapid exchange of information.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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