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The paper "Analysis of Two Articles about Robots" describes that the first article gives a significant design of tiny robots that can build without outside intervention. The second article, “Believable Robot Characters” gives an account of how important is the believability of robots when it comes to human-robot interaction…
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Analysis of Two Articles about Robots
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The following memo is about robots and their impact on technology and communication as well as economic growth. Robots are used in numerous fields such as in the automobile industry where they are used in welding and lifting cars. Apart from assembly operation, robots are used in spray painting, in the military, space exploration, transportation and medical application although they were designed to perform some boring tasks. Currently, robots are largely used to perform labor tasks. The need to increase production and improve on efficiency is very necessary and finding the best robot for this is very important. I major in Mechanical Engineering which is directly related to the construction of the robots. The first article, “Team Designs Tiny Robots That Can Build like Termites” gives a significant design of tiny robots that can build without outside intervention. The second article, “Believable Robot Characters” gives an account on how important are the believability of robots when it comes to human-robot interaction.
Team Designs Tiny Robots That Can Build Like Termites
The article was published by Dow Jones & Company Inc. in New York, United States and authored by Robert Lee Hotz. The organization of the article only provides a heading and several paragraphs describing what the author wants to pass. It also has an abstract that summarizes what the information contained in it (Robert, 2014). The article is written in simple a U.S English language and is directed to the audience at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Chicago. It focuses on the ability of the robots to help in building any structure that they are instructed to.
Believable Robot Characters
The article was published by Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, La Canada in United States and authored by Simmons et al. The organization of the article provides headings and subheadings dividing every point communicated by the authors. There is also a subtract summarizing the content and objective of the article. The article is directed towards people in the entertainment industry who are greatly interested in the human-robot interaction through the integration of consistent story line, verbal and nonverbal behavior and social context. It is also written in a simple and understandable language (Simmons, 2011).
Both the articles are written in simple language and address the design of robots that may make work easier for humans. Both the articles are use technical terms that can only be understood by the professionals or engineering students. It is apparent that both articles address the significance of robots. In contrast “Team Designs Tiny Robots that Build like Termites” addresses the design of robots for research purposes while “Believable Robot Character” is concerned with human-robot interaction for academic purposes.
Both articles have used simple and common language that can be easily understood by their readers even the ones who do not fully understand the concept of robots. The sources are very useful in further research because they authored by professionals and may also be used for a beginner or any other ordinary person in understanding the functions and the concept of robots.

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