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Robot Technology and how it is used in emergency management / emergency response - Article Example

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Their actions are enabled through software programs, a set of commands or artificial intelligence. Robotic technology and automation go together. According to the…
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Robot Technology and how it is used in emergency management / emergency response
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Extract of sample "Robot Technology and how it is used in emergency management / emergency response"

Download file to see previous pages For example, today many of the surgical operations require control to prevent microscopic damage of the tissues, nerves and tiny blood vessels. Several procedures such as laparoscopic operations are done through keyhole openings by robots.
In general robotic technology has several advantages compared to using human beings to work in the same field, owing to the design, process of manufacture, environment the robots works in and the application/use of the robots. Some of the advantages that would be seen in using robots are:-
Today robots are being used in different fields very effectively. However, only recently has greater exploration on the use of robots in emergency and incident management so that the human effort needed in doing impossible tasks is reduced and life-threatening situations to the rescuers are prevented. Following, various incidents including natural disasters (such as the Hurricane Katrina’s after effects in 2005) and manmade disasters (such as 9/11), the use of robots in search and rescue operations has been of great interest.
Earlier search dogs with cameras mounted were used in rescue operations. However today, with advancement in technology, robots carrying sophisticated detectors and sensors and programmed intelligently (so called ‘I-robot’) may be used to find and rescue people in disasters or even in the warfront.
Search dogs are very effective in detecting human beings under a building wreckage or underground through smelling or listening. However, they are unable to provide the general description of the environment they are located. Through the use of cameras mounted on dogs, it may be possible to visualize the area, but often the vision may be restricted to just a few meters, and the rescue teams have absolutely no idea of the general environment. Hence, today there is greater interest of using robots in such environment. By using robots, since they are able to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Robot Technology and How It Is Used in Emergency Management / Article.
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