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Technological Solution That Can Bridge a Gap - Assignment Example

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The paper “Technological Solution That Can Bridge a Gap” will describe the most significant problems for emergency management and will propose the requirement for using robotic technological solutions to bridge the gap and accomplish the objectives…
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Technological Solution That Can Bridge a Gap
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Download file to see previous pages Robots can use advanced instruments and tools in those circumstances which are inconvenient for general people. The recent improvements in robot system and equipment have made the work of rescuing people possible even in harsh environments. Human beings face several difficulties in managing crisis due to several obstructions of environment, which create a gap in performance and objectives of crisis management. The robot technology provides one of the best solutions for bridging the gap in crisis management as it can perform better compared to human beings and certain other technologies (Tadokoro, Matsuno, Nardi, & Jacof, 2009).
Problem Statement
Presently, the computer and information technology (IT) has brought significant revolution in the data processing. The utilization of computer technology and IT is widely spread in the present era. Traditionally, the computer and IT was only limited to management of files, however, nowadays they are being used in observing the condition of the entire planet and helping to generate information. The concurrent information about any incident is precious because it can help to take proper measures for any kind of crisis or emergency situation. Computer and IT not only help to generate or display information but also enable the sharing of information to other people positioned at a distance from a certain event (Sahu, n.d.).
In the majority of circumstances, the crises are managed by the emergency management personnel employed by the local or federal authorities. Technological advancements have allowed increased security and capability to display the location of personnel. Yet, there is a gap between technology and safety because the computer and IT cannot help people in extreme conditions such as hot region or hazardous sector, which might be the core area of crisis. The computer and IT system can increase communication with people which is definitely important for any kind of crisis. However, the gap in the safety of rescue people can be bridged through applying the robot technology. The development of robot technology has made it easy for performing operations in emergency situations which are extremely unsafe for rescue personnel. The use of robot technology has greatly impacted the operations of fire and other emergency departments (Southerly, 2006). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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